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Kill me tonight, bury me here

imyournobody if you read this I'm worried about you. I hope you're ok.

The past few days have been uneventful really. I've spent most of my time playing on Pokemon. I knew it would become the bane of my existance again. Sigh. I miss SM:TV. To anyone that's not British/too young to remember (sigh you were deprived) it was a Saturday morning show with Ant and Dec and was just... hilarious. I watched one of babu's videos of them and it's reminded me of how good it was, especially the Pokefights and Pokeraps (I really can't be arsed to find the e with the thing over it).


I've eben randomly singing Monster every so often. Curse ye Torchwood!

Today I didn't get Kerrang, which is probably the first time I've not got it on release day in months. However I've heard it's given the show we went to 5 K's. Huzaah!

Famous Last Words on Monday! Woop! On Channel 4 too, at midnight. It means Channel 4 recognises them as being big, cause normally only really big artists get there video premiered on 4 at midnight.

I got rid of my block last night, so I've written. But no I have two of the ficlets done and they're not even ficlets like they were planned, they're (especially Tonight) are full blown fics. Fun.

I'm going to be posting them both in about an hour, once I've finished a part to one of the other fics I've almost done a part too (What To Do With The Dead, The Hunt, Cause I See You Lying Next To Me and the surgery one). May as well post three in a row, although I'm not sure which of those will be ready. Guess I'm going by whichever will be ready first.

We're going to somewhere called Lakeside tommorrow. Alas, I have no money. Sigh. I'll just be buying Kerrang, putting my cheque in the bank and looking at stuff.

Recent pictures make Mcfly look like Panic! and Panic! look weird. Facial hair=no.

Edit: With everyone doing Christmas-related posts, I shall do a friends-only one tomorrow with my address if anyone wants to send cards.
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