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I hate that I'm awkake this early. Ok, it's not really that early but I still hate it.

mychemicalslash is back and now the reason it the layout. Rightttt. So changing the layout accidentally deleted it. Yeah and I'm the queen of the world.

What happened yesterday? Well, nothing to exciting in the day part. I managed to write some, but only managed one of the ficlets (which I'm not posting till the other 6 are done) and bits to fics. Oh and that one based on my dream.

Hopefully it'll leave me long enough today for me to actually finish one of the main fics. Fingers crossed eh?

If not then I'll archive Balade or something on b_paradeslash cause I know it's not there yet.

Mum's very very annoying.

Last night was Torchwood. If anyone missed it, then watched the repeat on BBC 2, or one of the many on BBC 3.

So far it's the best one yet (before I saw it, the best one was Cyberwoman). It's a bit gory and reminded me a lot of The X-Files. Sure, people have being saying that since the start, but this ep made me think of a particular Files ep.

It's very creepy and made my heart race a few times.

Poor Inanto, it's clear all he has been doing is bring food and coffee (and get gun training from Jack) as he was absolutely terrified. He's so sweet.

When Owen was saying those dirty words, my first thought was 'I'd do him'. That still stands.


Cannibalism=< 3

I find it interesting that it turned out ot be human madness instead of anything alien and it wasn't really that. They enjoyed taking before, beating them and taking their meat to eat. Which I found interesting.

I don't think that I could do cannbalism on anymore then a two person scale as it was here (a whole village taking people), though maybe I should try and do it one day. Obviously not to the same scale, but I did have an idea for an MCR one awhile back.

Next week's has lesbianism. It took me about an hour to finally work out who the chick talking in the trailer was and it's the blond daughter from My Family, cept she's not blond so that threw me a bit.

I love Torchwood.

I'm restarting Mystery Dungeon now that babu's one is here.
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