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Panic! in the fandom

Oh the joys of having my most major fandom almost fold completely in on itself in a day. Seeing MCR slash get deleted caused massive hysterics everywhere and now practically every MCR slash comm left has had to have a mod post saying it won't be deleted.


The mod for MCR slash is completely selfish anyway. Apparently she's sick. So she deletes it? Why not just do a mod post, or hand it over to someone else for the duration? Yet no, it gets deleted and everyone goes insane and panics. To everyone it's unfair and I'm inclined to agree. The current mod should just step down and let someone else take over completely. It seems the only sane thing to do. No one can but up with her crazy ego trips, the moderation and the like. It's time for a change and it should happen now.

A whole group of comm's have already sprung up to take it's place. It seems destined to die upon it's return.


All this bullshit happening has made my block even worse. Great job mod, thanks for almost killing the entire fandom.

Thankfully I've had Mystery Dungeon to fill the void. I'm Cyndaquil and my main partner is Squirtle. They're both so cute! I've already played on it for 6 hours, if not more. Eek. I get too fixated, but Pokemon is love.

Watched Secret Window last night. It's weird, but Johnny Depp is hot.

Was Children In Need any good? I missed the whoel thing for the first time in... ever really. Did I miss much?

Got woke up this morning by bed guys. Bah.

Capatain Jack is on this weeks Buzzcocks. It's a gay an episode now isn't it? Well, two if you count Simon. La la la.

Massive bags of doriotos and tiny bunnies are cute!

As I've mentioned, I've had block, yet I'm got 11 wordpads opened (and will have two more soon). Hopefully something should be done soon. Read soon as tonight or tommorrow. They are (including the two new ones):
*What To Do With The Dead
*The Hunt
*Where The Wild Roses Grow
*Hard Slammin
*Jay/Matt scat fic
*Cause I See You Lying Next To Me
*Miyavi fic
*Zombie fic (even though it lacks a pairing, sigh)
*Link/Dark!Link Necro
*Hooker Spencer
*MCR orgy
*Dream based one, with Gee having forced surgery

Anyone have someone they'd want as a zombie?

I'm going to try and do some while the DS is on charge (which removes the distraction of Pokemon).
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