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Unnecessary surgery land?

I had a dream last night where Ray and Bob were doing surgery on Gerard. Frankie was huddled in a corner and Mikey was forced to watch.

Fun, maybe I should fic it?

One of the Mystery Dungeons has come to day, but we're not going on it til the other one arrives.

My Skeleton Crew tee's arrived at last. Woo! I'm wearing the organ one right now.

I got distracted last night by Battle Royale 2. Curse ye Taku. It's nowhere near as ogod as the original though.

Being a geek is fun.

Things to do today:
*What To Do With The Dead Part 7 (top priority)
*The Hunt Part 2
*Start ficlets (one which includes Pennie)
*Find House Of Wolves/Where The Wild Roses Grow lyrics
*Start Where The Wild Roses Grow (after getting lyrics)
*Start Hard Slammin
*Start Jay/Matt scat fic
*Cause I See You Lying Next To Me Part 2 (almost done)
*Decide which secret santa idea to go with (I have three, all being smutty)

I think that that's all. I might be wrong though and have missed something. Bah.

If someone could find me the lyrics that'd be great, cause I'll be away from the comp soon.
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