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What is this place?

I think I can safely say that, bar requests and the Mcsecret santa, the Mcfly fandom to me is a bit... well, dead. Whenever I try to write for it I just... can't so I'm just going to do the wisest thing and give up on it. Bar possibly appearences in What To Do With The Dead and the aforementioned stuff, I'm not going to try writing Mcslash for awhile.

I'm actually been expecting it to happen for some time now, but now MCR slash has eclipsed Mcfly again.

Oh well. No big loss really.

For the Waycest fic I posted last night I got 20+ comments, for the last Mcfly one I did it was less than 10.

Anyway, whatever I been doing for the past... two days.

Mostly playing Pokemon. Ah the bane of my existance is back. Which is basically an excuse to try and beat brightly coloured things with other brightly coloured things. Ah joy. I do so love it so, accept on Battle Frontier where I'm addicted to the Battle Factory. Gah.

My babu's sweet, she ordered Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and sent for two instead of one :)

Watched the Cube trilogy thing.Cube Zero's the best, mostly cause of the diamond eye guy. Then Cube 2 as it's very weird. I like stuff like that. Plus, Cube 2 had a funny old lady in.

Speaking of, I missed Torchwood Saturday (due to MCR course) so I watched on Tuesday. Captain Jack topless=mmmm! Apart from the sweet old lady, the fairy's killed everyone that deserved it. He was right to let the girl go. Next week looks brilliant. Ianto+gun.

Got Kerrang yesterday. We got stalked home by these fucking asshole kids. I hate kids. They're so stupid. Kerrang's good though, there's a pretty poster and House Of Wolves live on the cd. I've got about 40 of the 250 rock songs in the mag, though some of the pics in it are really old. Ryan is hot. Next week has a calandar, bit early.

The Star Was puzzle is almost done.

Speaking of, a Star Wars book arrived today. Huzzah!

It's been good to see Kylie in the papers again at Sydney. I'm so glad she's able to tour again.

What am I missing? Ermm... I'm sure there's something that I've missed.

Fics I'm doing now: (as in have the wordpad open)
*What To Do With The Dead (Part 7 Mikey/Ryan)*
*The Hunt (Part 2 Matt/Ian)*
*Where The Wild Roses Grow (one of the Ways/other, not sure who yet)
*Untitled Jay/Matt scat fic
*Hard Slammin (Matt/Ian/Sean/Dave)
*Cause I See You Lying Next To Me (Sykecest)*

*=have a considerable part done to them so far

I need someone to give me a pairing for Roses. My main thought though is Mikey/Ian. But since it's not been started I'm curious as to if there's any other Way pairings that people would want written.

There's other fics that I have half ideas for, so I've not started them yet (like the secret santa) and some fics I have that are just a title.
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