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Keep On Your Pants And Jacket

Keep On Your Pants And Jacket
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Waycest
POV: Mikey's
Notes: I blame them, though mostly Gerard, for the plot of this. At Brixton several things happened. The first is Gerard pressing himself against Mikey's ass and saying something to him. Also, during Famous Last Words, Gerard was on his knees in front of Mikey. A lot of the on-stage part of this is basically what happened.
I promise I'll go back to What To Do With The Dead now.
Dedications: antontobias86 who saw them with me

It wasn't even half-way through the show and yet the others, even my brother, had shed their jackets. The heat had got to them all, but that was the price you paid for wearing as many layers as they did. I just wore the jacket. Yet having only the one layer didn't stop me from being thirsty so, in the break just before I'm Not Okay, I went beside Bob's drum kit to where there were bottles of water. Before my hand had even reached for the bottle I felt someone press against me.

"I hope you're not thinking of taking off your jacket like the rest of us."

I shook my head quickly. "Course not Gee..." Like I'd even consider such a thing.

"Good." He leaned over my back and practically purred into my ear. Gods, did he realise he was doing this in front of a couple of thousand fans? "Cause if you keep it on all night dear brother, then my ass is yours."

Before I could even answer he was gone, gone to his place at the front of the stage leaving me with a boner. "Fucker." I muttered under my breath, finely able to grab my bottle and drink some of it before heading back after him. I was sure Bob had heard everything.

Over the rest of the night he seemed to be doing his best to tease me. During House Of Wolves his ass was pushed back so I had a perfect view. When he sang 'way down' during Cemetary Drive he made a point of having a hand above his crotch, like he was holding some invisible head there. When he sang Famous Last Words he was on his knees in front of me twice. Bastard.

Ray had clear crossed the stage a few minutes ago to whisper something to Frankie, something which amused both greatly and no doubt was at my expense.

Now it was Cancer and I cursed Gerard for deciding that, for this song, I had to shed my bass and use a tamborine. It made me even more thankful that my jacket was long enough to conceal my hard-on, otherwise it would be plain to see.

As the song started Ray came over to me with a grin plastered over his face. Inwardly I groaned, knowing he was probably going to mock me and wishing he would just leave me alone instead. "Hey Mikey, I see you're hot and hard."

I growled under my breath. If I had my bass I'd do a Frankie. "I'm sure you are too."

"Yep." He reached under his guitar and groped himself as if to prove a point.

"If you have something to say then say it now, before I have to start playing."

"I do, just one thing." That grin seemed to get even wider. "Do him good and hard for us, I want to be able to hear you two at it while I jack off." And with that he wandered off.

I always knew he was a fucking perv. Was it to late to trade him in for a none perverted guitarist? Oh, wait, such a creature doesn't exist. I'd caught Frankie getting off on us before now. I turned my head round to where Bob sat above me. "Did you hear that?"

"Yep and he's right. Fuck him good and hard for us Mikey, even though I know you don't need the encouragement."

I grined and shook my head slightly. He was right of course, incentive to fuck my brother wasn't required. I would do him no matter what, like I had been doing for years now. I watched his ass as I started bashing my tamborine.

At show's end it would be mine.


As Helena ended, so did the concert. I'd lasted it's entire length in the jacket, so I'd earned what was going to happen now. We all made our way off stage rapidly, the venue's main lights coming on just as we left the stage. As we walked down the corridor to our dressing room I'd his voice again. "You're still wearing it."

"Of course I am. Do you really think I would take it off after what you said?"

"I had no doubt you'd keep it on." He was in-step with me now and I could see the smile on his lips. "Frankie thought you might, but I didn't. I was more interested on if you creamed your pants instead."

"You haven't made me spontaneously orgasm yet Gee." I ran my tongue over my lower lip, gazing at my blonde-haired lover. I'd never tell him of couse, but tonight he very nearly did. "But you do give me instant erections." At this a grin spread across his lips.

"Well, that's almost as good. Means I can have your load inside me like it's meant to be." I bit my lower lip to surpress a moan. He always had a way with words, ok so it wasn't much of a way, but it turned me on all the same. "Speaking of which..." It was then I noticed we had arrived at the dressing room, well, our one anyway. Frankie, Ray and Bob had the one next door and were probably sitting there with their pants around their ankles waiting for us to fuck. I shook the image from my head as Gerard unlocked and pushed open the door, following him as he entered.

As soon as we were in the room I rammed him against the door, the force of our weight causing it to slam shut. "You, Gerard Way, are such a fucking tease and I'm going to use this hard-on that you've caused me to have to make you see stars." I pressed my hips against his, feeling his own erection pulse under his pants. I licked his neck and ground my hips lightly, pushing his jacket over his shoulders to the floor before my mouth left his neck to growl. "Now, you're going to turn around and drop your pants like a good brother so that I can make your ass mine like you promised."

He moaned as he reached down, quickly undoing his flies. "I love it when you're all forceful Mikey." Instead of replying I just took a step back so he could turn and growled. He pushed his pants and boxers down, his hardness hitting his clothed chest. As soon as they reached his ankles he turned around, revealing his sexy bare ass for my eager eyes, which, oddly, had a string coming out from between the crack.

I raised an eyebrow, griping the end of the string and wiggling it slightly. "What the fuck is that Gerard?"

He groaned softly, clearly my actions had caused whatever it was to move inside him. "A... anal... beads..." Ah, I'd heard of those. "I wanted to... to make sure I'd be ready for you."

Inwardly I was glad that he had. Although watching Gerard finger himself was extremely hot, I was already hard enough and didn't want to wait. "When did you put them in?" I asked casually as I undid the buckle on my jacket so I could free my length.

"When I went to piss before we went on stage, I lubed myself up and pushed them inside."

"Shame I wasn't there to watch." The buckle undone I opened the jacket and undid my own fly, thankful that I'd went commando as my length slapped against my hand.

"Mmmm..." His hands were now braced against the doorframe with his legs slighty apart.

I reached forward and grabbed the string between my fingertips, making him moan softly. "I may have missed the entrance, but at least I get to see the exit." I didn't give him the chance to reply I pulled the string and watched intently as the first bead made it's way out. I watched as it streched open my brother's asshole as it popped out. The bead was translucent blue plastic and was about the size of the head of my cock. "How many beads are there my whore?"

"F... five..." He managed to moan out as the first one popped all the way out, the clear plastic covered in a sheen of sweat. I licked my lips, keeping an eye on his entrance as I kept pulling on the cord, the second one becoming visible. "Ohh Mikey... faster please..."

I shook my head, merely amused by his desperation. Although I was rock hard, it amused me to watch him squirm and beg. "You teased me the whole show, now I get to tease you." He groaned in frustration at my words, just as the second bead slipped out his ass. "I do so love your moans dear brother." I leaned forward and licked his neck lightly, almost teasingly as I kept pulling, hearing a soft pop as the third came out. Gerard was making more moans now and I realised he'd held them back before, only letting them out now that I'd told him I loved them. Even though he knew I did he seemed to hold them back until I said those words. I licked around the back of his neck, lightly grazing my teeth as the forth slide out of him. "Almost there dear brother, then you'll be full of something much better." He moaned something incoherent at that, which I just ignored, choosing instead to wiggle the cord so that the finally bead would squirm around inside him. The wiggling made his lips issue another loud moan and I couldn't take much more. I could tease him to death another time, when I wasn't sporting an erection that had been present for over an hour.

I pulled the cord, yanking the final bead from inside him and dropping the string of beads to the floor. I held onto his hips and pressed against him, my open jacket still on my shoulders as my cock entered his crack, my head easily finding the entrance to his familiar hole. Even before the first time we'd had sex I'd been able to find it with ease with my fingers and tongue. Finding it was easy really, just like everything with Gerard was. I bit the soft skin of his neck as I thrust my length inside him, not bothering to be gentle as I knew he was ready for it. I groaned against him in pleasure as his tight heat surrounded me. He always felt so amazing, in fact there was nothing else in the world that felt like him. I pulled out of him quickly, then rammed back inside him, the sound of my name being screamed meaning I hit his spot. I smirked with satisfaction, pulling out again and slamming inside him, making sure to hit the same place again. Which, of course, I did causing another howl of my name. "That's it big brother, scream my name and let everyone know who's fucking you. Let the world know that you're mine and no one else's."

"Oh Mikey... I'm yours... always yours..." His neck now tasted of his sweat, more so then before. My hands left his hips now, but I knew they'd left marks as they always did. My left hand trailed up under his t-shirt to stroke his belly, while my right wrapped itself around his dick to pump in time with my thrusts. His head and most of his upper shaft was slick with his pre-cum already, though that didn't surprise me at all. His body was trembling slightly from my thrusts but his hands were still braced against the doorframe.

"That's it..." I purred in his name, slamming hard and fast inside him, my balls slapping against his ass and my open jacket hitting his back. "I'm very close..." That was true, my length was already twitching and expanding within him so I couldn't hold it back for very long. I felt the same thing happen to his own dick in my hand just before he exploded, coating the door and my fingers. His hole squeezed tight around me as he came, my name filling the room even louder as he did. I closed my eyes and growled his name in return, letting go completely as I arched my back, spraying my own load deep inside him.

I panted softly pulling myself out of him reluctantly, my cock glistening with sweat and cum. His grip on the doorframe loosened and he slide to the floor, settling in amongst his clothes. "Mikey you are... amazing."

I smiled and shook my head slightly. "No, you are." I moved to stand in front of him, watching as he predictably extended his tongue to clean me. Sometimes I swore he was adictted to the taste of my cum, though maybe I was just being crazy. Within two minutes my cock was clean and at half mast, coated now in my brother's saliva. He sat back, running a hand through his blonde locks, satisfied he was done as I sucked my fingers clean, savouring his salty taste.


"Mmmph?" It's very hard to answer in anything other then a mumble when you have a finger in your mouth.

"Your jacket... I wondered something." I tilted my head as I tucked myself back inside my pants and did up there flies. "I knew you wouldn't take it off anyway and I just wondered why."

I buckled myself in my jacket before answering. "The buckle makes it hard to take off." Before he could retort to that, which I knew he would, I raised my hand. "Ok, that's not the biggest reason." He was gazing at me now with curious eyes and I felt he was genuinely interest in whatever my reasons were. Also it was clear that he really didn't get my reasons, although it was so obvious to me. "You made it. Well, you designed it anyway and that's what's important. Each of our jackets is unique, none of them are the same. You designed each of them for us. You made this one for me. Just for me. Whenever I wear it I feel that and I never want to take it off, that's why I never take mine off unlike the others, unlike you."

"Mikey, you're so sweet..." He stood up from where he sat slowly and planted a kiss on my lips. I'm sure the kiss was to distract me from his clearly blushing cheeks. "That's why I love you. And why I gave you that." He drummed a fingertip on the medal on the jacket. I'd often wondered why he'd given me one, but not himself or the others.

"Why did you, I've never worked that one out?"

"Oh it's for many things my Mikey." He kissed me again, just as lightly as before, then pressed his forehead against mine. "For being a fantastic fucker and sucker. For always being there for me. For being with me for so long. For loving me no matter what." He smiled and kissed my nose lightly. "My first design had a medal for all those things and more, but I decided to settle on one instead of a thousand lest you become a walking medal."

By the time his finished I felt so... fuzzy inside. I hated that term yet it was true, I felt all warm and loved, more so then ever before. "I love you too Gerard." I kissed him back softly, wrapping my arms around his chest and pressing against him. "As much as I'd like to stay here in your arms forever, there's people that we have to meet and a tour bus we have to get on." Just as a pout formed on his lips I whispered softly as seductively as I could muster into the shell of his ear. "But once we're on the tour bus, we have hours to do whatever we want."

His pout soon receded and he eagerly started to pull his pants up. I took a few steps back, a smile on my lips as I watched him dress "Oh and Gerard?" He turned to face me, opening his mouth to respond but I quickly cut him off. "Don't forget the beads." He smirked and picked the string of orbs up, shoving them quickly into one of his pockets. They'd come in handy later.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash
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