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You can run faster then them

My Chemical Romance are amazing. If I said it every 10 seconds for a year it wouldn't be enough to express how amazing they truly are.

Which is, of course, amazing.

I had an incident before we went involving pepsi. As in the bottle sprayed over the floor, wall and my hoodie. Gah!

Onto the important stuff though: ala My Chemical Romance. I have about ten minutes to do this post (shorter then I'd like) cause of Torchwood, so I shall get right on it.


I can't be bothered to do a tracklist (cause of the aforementioned time) but they played almost all of the new album, cept for Sleep, The Sharpest Lives and Disenchanted. Not having the first two makes me sad.

However, the way they played them, it made it seem as if they'd been playing them forever. It was incredible.

Gerard did a weird march every few minutes from left to right and back again, I didn't get that.

Apart from Mikey, they all lost their jackets by the fifth song. Mikey kept his on till the end.

No songs off Bullets.

He made two good speeches, to never change and about the shit in the papers recently. He's so good at the speeches.

Onto things that are slashy, all of which are in a fic about tonight that I'll finish after Torchwood.

Waycest, just before (I want to say Teenagers) Mikey was by the drumkit (I assume to get water or something) and Gerard came up behind him and PRESSED UP AGAINST HIM. He stayed there for almost a minute and they were literally hip to ass close.

During House Of Wolves Gerard had his ass pushed back so it was in Mikey's eyeline (but didn't spank himself).

During Famous Last Words Gerard got on his knees in front of Mikey not once, but TWICE.

I think also during Famous Last Words he did a weird bendy thing.

Other things:
Gerard+roses=< 3
Gerard is good at catching, a glo-ring thing was thrown at the stage and he caught it. I was stunned.
Frankie was on his knees a lot and did his weird spit thing.
Gerard thanked us for making them the greatest band on the planet, obviously about the award
Ray whispered something to Frankie.
Ray whispered something else to Mikey, who then talked to Bob (about dirty things no doubt)

In short, it was awesome.

I got some stuff as well.
From inside:
The hoodie (which is amazing)
A wristband set (thanks to my babbu)
A badge set

From outside
A teee (thanks to my babbu aagain)
A poster of them (in the jackets, which is sex)

Pics tomorrow.
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