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The Hunt Part 1

The Hunt
Pairings: Tom Delonge/Brendon Urie, Tom Delonge/Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross
POV: Tom
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Vampirism, blood play, gore
Dedications: antontobias86, my babu, for her birthday cause she's always there for me < 3

When I first spotted him, I was attracted to how gorgeous his young body was. He was 19 then and I was so much older. Now, two years later, his looks hadn't changed at all. He still looked like the youth that I knew I needed forever. In a way he still was. His body, like mine, showed no signs of aging and never would again. He would still look as he did now when the next century came. The only difference between how he looked now and how he looked then was his slightly paler skin tone.

Of course, when I first saw him he was also fully clothed and not naked and lounging on a bed like he was now, his small nipples hard from arousal as much as the cold. Also back then he was a human.

I gazed over his bare body, which was spread-eagled and covered in innocent blood. The body of the boy we'd torn apart lay on the floor beside us, his intestines sprawled over the space in front of him. His face, which I knew we'd do things with later, was twisted into a look of terror. His screams in pain and for help still rang in my ears. His blood had tasted so sweet on our lips, his flesh fulfilling our hunger and filling our bellies.

Vaguely, I remembered his name being Ryan. Yes, I was sure it was Ryan. He'd been easy to bring back home, we hadn't even needed to lure him with drugs, he'd become entranced with our natural beauty. He'd clearly wanted to fuck and so did we, so we all stripped naked and within minutes he was on all fours, Brendon in his mouth and me up his ass. His fist was pumping his own erection as we rammed him at both ends, quickly letting the pleasure consume us until we exploded inside him just as he did over the floor. That was when we made our move against him.

We rolled him onto his back and Brendon went to get the knives. We always needed one each, it made the process so much easier. Before our blades entered his body though, we allowed him to see our true natures as Brendon leaned down, his sharp fangs piercing Ryan's pretty little neck as my own tore into his thigh. I remembered he let out a wail of pain as he realised exactly what was going on, his body squirming beneath us. He hadn't stood much chance anyway, his body was weakened from a night of dancing and was even weaker due to his orgasm. Even if he had been at full strength though, he'd have been no match for us. We drank his blood for several minutes before pulling back and revealling the knives to him. "There's no point struggling boy, we'll be devouring you either way. Just be thankful you got fucked before you died." And with that our blades attacked him. Brendon gripped Ryan's left wrist tightly then deftly cut off each of it's digits. I, however, decided not to go for a snack. I desired the main course. My knife plunged into Ryan's belly and cut upward through his skin and tissue, revealling his pretty insides to my hungry eyes. The screams that were still in my ears were at their quietest at this point, they only suceeded in growing louder over time. I made two more deep cuts at either end of the one I'd just made, only these were horizontal as Brendon snacked on Ryan's fingers. I heard the familiar sound of bones cracking between his teeth as I pried open Ryan's skin, getting a much better look at his organs now. I broke his rib bones out one by one, dropping them to the floor beside him as Brendon laughed and started hacking off his remaining digits. My way to his organs now clear, I cut out his right lung and started to snack on his flesh, watching as his exposed heart beat faster and faster.

He was such a scared little boy really. Scared and pretty. Brendon had apparently gotten bored with his bony fingers by the time I'd finished with the lung as he lunged forward and kissed me to taste Ryan's blood again. I pushed him away though after a few moments and he just sat beside him, idley pulling out his intestines onto the floor, his teeth reaching down to gnaw at the rope like organ every so often. The sight made me hard and I knew that was his intention. "Stop that Brendon, make his crotch bare instead." At this, I remember, he grinned. For some reason he always liked tearing off the genitals of other boys, but he'd always wait until I allowed him too.

"Yes Master." His eyes were bright as he reached down, a scream of pain leaving Ryan's lips as he bought the knife through his balls, the soft sac hitting the floor a few seconds later, his dick soon following. His thighs were coated in blood now that spurted from his crotch area.

"Show him them." Brendon collected Ryan's former boyhood and bought them to his face, slicing his balls to seperate them, taking immense pleasure at Ryan's expression of horror. He placed one of them to my lips, slipping the other into his mouth. Ah the sweet-salty taste of youth's balls. There was really nothing like it. It was the second best part to eat after the heart of course. Balls were so wonderous to eat because they tasted of not only flesh and blood, but cum as well. It was really quite unique. Trouble was all balls were small in comparison to the rest of the body's organs, so the high never lasted as long as we desired. His screams now started to annoy me, so I reached inside his chest, wrapped my fingers around his teenage heart and yanked it out, ending his life instantly. His body fell limply against the floor and I could feel Brendon's eyes watch me as I ate his heart. There was something about eating a still-beating heart that felt so right, so amazing. Maybe it was the feeling of power, or the knowledge that the person you took it from would be dead by the first bite. I was never quite sure.

Upon Ryan's death Brendon started to maul the boy's thigh's, much to my pleasure, devouring all the meat that he could handle before standing and laying on the bed as he did now. I'd merely watched, finishing off his heart and a few fingers Brendon had left over.

"Can we keep his head Master? It's oh-so pretty." His own head was dangling over the edge of the bed now, gazing at Ryan's lifeless eyes.

"Of course we can, my pet." It was the main reason we'd been attracted to him in the first place. He had such pretty make-up on, especially around his eyes, I knew we'd have to feast on him. Brendon started clapping happily at my words, as he lay back.

"Take me Master, coat your hard cock in the whore's blood and have your way with me." He spread his legs as wide as he could, clearly to make me do as he asked. My eyes ran over his body, at his hard nipples and harder dick, at the splashes of blood over his pale skin, at his low hanging balls and his pretty blood-stained lips. He could easily have been one of those twinks on any number of porn sites, if he wasn't splattered with blood of course.

I shoved my hand inside Ryan's broken body, letting my fingers become coated in his blood before pulling it out and rubbing the crimson liquid over my length. I brought my fingers to my lips, lapping up the remainder as well as some of the flesh I'd managed to yank out too, then crossed the short space to the bed. Our bed, where we'd killed and devoured countless boys during our time together and where I fucked him so hard he screamed until morning.

Our bed, were I fed him human blood and flesh for the first time.

I aimed my cock for his hole, his fingers sliding out of it as I approached. I slammed myself into him, knowing exactly how he liked it: rough and hard. He yet out a yelp of pain, digging his fingers into the bedsheets as I thrust all the way inside of him. My hands now rested on his perfect hips, my fingernails digging into the skin to leave marks again. I always loved to leave my mark on his hips, even though they seemed to fade faster after each time. Pity really.

I slowly pulled out, watching his face twist into a look of pleasure as I rammed back within his tight heat. His head was tipped back slightly, exposing his soft neck. There, marks did stay for longer, several fading lovebites clear on his throat. I leaned over his sweaty body, digging my fangs into his neck just as I had the night we met. His warmth filled my senses. His blood on my tongue, his tight hole around my length, his sweaty body pressed against my own. He always felt good, but he was only truly amazing after feeding. His hole would twitch like crazy when his belly was full for some reason. I often wondered if his twitching was normal for us or just something he did. Of course, I'd never admit my uncertainty about it to him as that would reveal unecessary weakness. Weakness in that I didn't know as much as I claimed to about us.

I dismissed my thoughts and returned my concentration to fucking the shit out of him. I felt his hand jack himself off against my stomach, so I left his neck, swallowed my mouthful of his blood and watched him stroke himself. I didn't realise it at first, but his hand movements matched my thrusts exactly. He always managed to do that. I growled at the sight, increasing my pace inside him. My nails scratched at his soft, pale skin, my thumbs rubbing his near-hairless balls making him tip his head back in pleasure. He was close and his hole twitched and squeezed even more to make me cum with him. Moments later he howled loudly, spraying his load over our chests, adding the white of his cream to his blood stained body. At practically the same time I saw stars and filled his ass with my own load, screaming his name. I throbbed inside him for almost a full minute, sure to be a record, before it was all over and we were both panting, sweaty messes.

I pull myself from his tightness to lay on the bed beside him, watching his chest rise and fall so needlessly. "You were wonderful tonight."

"Thank you Master." He turned his head to gaze at me, his pupils tinged red from the orgasm. "So were you."

"Mmm..." I nodded, pushing a few stray strands of hair from my eyes before resting my head fully on the pillow and letting my eyes lid.


"Yes?" I opened one eye to gaze at him, curious as to what he wanted.

"I fancy a change of scenery. Vegas is starting to bore me."

I let out a soft chuckle and shook my head. We'd been here since I'd sired him and all thata time I'd awaited him to say something like this. "Fine, pick a state or a city and we'll go."

"I don't want to stay in the States though."

I opened my other eye at that, raising an eyebrow at that. Ok, I hadn't anticipated he'd want to leave the country. "Anywhere in mind?"

"Cardiff." He said simply, clearly he'd been thinking this through.

"Cardiff? As in Cardiff in Wales?" He nodded twice in response. "That's on the other side of the fucking ocean!" Another nod. I sighed and shook my head, his mind was clearly made up. "Fine, fine. We'll go to Cardiff." A grin spread across his lips and he kissed me hungrily in thanks. I responded and wondered exactly why he'd want to go there of all places. Wales was apparently cold and filled with hills and sheep. As we kissed I noticed out of the corner of my eye the tv and realised how he'd decided his choice of destination.

Fucking BBC.
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