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Why don't we hit people with a stick, that normally works

It's babu's birthday today! Hooray!

It's MCR today! Hooray!

Again, anyone going, I'll be there in a Skeleton Crew hoodie from about... 3-4ish. I'm so hyper about it it's slightly crazy. But then everything about me is slightly crazy so...

I'll be looking out for people, but knowing my luck I'll mix up faces or something.

Watched Initial D last night. There's some hot guys in it. I really should be kept away from oriental guys.

I've been playing Pokemon a lot recently for some reason. It's love. Also, the new Pokemon from Diamond and Sapphire are so bloody adorable. Eevee finally gets a grass evolution!

I like giving presents. The look of joy is < 3

I started my reviewy of The Black Parade, but haven't done much to it. I also wrote some last night, but deleted a large part of what I had for What To Do With The Dead cause I didn't like it. Gah! It's now two weeks since I last updated it so I'm really frustrated that I can't seem to write. If I don't post some soon people will have forgotten about it.

I do however have fic to post, so I'll post it after this.

The laptop has 6 wordpads open which can be summed up thusly:
*Orgy smut
*Scat smut
*What To Do
*Fic I'll post now
*Death smut


*shall post and sing happy birthday again now*
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