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Let's all go to Cardiff

It feels like forever since I've posted for some strange reason.

I've got fic to post, but the device (which I use to transfer them) is a bit... downpowered. Well, it was yesterday it might be alright now. I'll probably sort it out later in a few hours. I keep being dragged to bed and falling asleep and I vow not to sleep tonight. I have five wordpads open, I've wrote something in three of them.

Today something arrived that I've been waiting for about two months for now: stuff from Skeleton Crew. It wasn't all of it mind (that'll be here soon I hope) but it was the skeleton hoodie, which I'll wear Sunday. So look oout for it!

I keep saying two days every few minutes. I'm so bouncy about it.

Famous Last Words is meant to be the next single, though I'm sure now that EVERY song has been claimed as the next single, so unless they say anything themselves, I won't believe it.

I get the feeling something happened yesterday that I was meant to be writing about. I've forgot it now though, the shame.

Adam from Taking Back Sunday is cute, especially with a Koala.

For once James Bourne makes sense. I never thought I'd say those words. Matt listen to the little chipmunk and COME BACK BEFORE THE SHOW STARTS!

The cover of Play Music is hot and so are the pictures inside. Mikey always looks evil now and his neck seems oddly long. Frankie and Bob look adorable though.

Watched Jonathon Ross tonight. Twas brilliant. Why? Cause Capatain Jack was on it. Gods he is just so... ugh. He's so hot and sexy and adorable and his smile is love. Plus he's gay, which is also a good. What I didn't know is he's had a boyfriend for about 16 years. Also didn't know he's planning to have a civil partnership ceremony in Cardiff. Isn't that sweet? He also said he's glad we have the oppotunity as America (supposedly the free country) doesn't have it. He's so sweet and funny and geeky. < 3 He's like a big kid.

They also had the Mighty Boosh guys on and he groped and 'kissed' Bollo. Yep the gorilla. Vince is the pretty one, they shoulda made out. My mind is so perverted. There was a pink cowboy hat.
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