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My Slut

My Slut
Pairing: Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Matt Tuck with references to Jared Leto/Jay James/Joesph Gordon-Levitt
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: Some BDSM, references to slavery
Dedications: antontobias86 for asking em to do this < 3

Some say the slave trade is dead. Like most things, however, it's not. Most people would associate what's left of the slave trade with poor third world countries, but that's not always true. Pretty boys go missing all the time, some run away, others are murdered, still others held for ransom. The remainder, however, end up being kidnapped by the few slavers left. The slavers that are left often work in groups, they're very selective about who they take and who they sell to, as they'll only sell to people who both have the money to pay and will keep quiet about them.

I'm one of those buyers.

The slaves are sold depending, mostly on looks. The most attractive ones have the highest price tag. once sold, slavers have nothing to do with the boys they sell and they are used for a variety of purposes. Some buy them cause they are lonely. Others, to torture, or for cheap labour. Some are modified and mutilated until they'd useless outside of their owners homes. For all of those, of course, sex enters the equation.

I gazed upon my latest boy. I didn't no much about him, I didn't have to, but what I knew was his name was Joesph and he was few years younger then me. He was much more beautiful then I expected, but then I'd only seen fuzzy pictures and a badly shot porn that the slavers had filmed with him. He, naturally, had been the whore of the piece being filled at both ends. His body was smooth and, for the most part, hairless. His soft length was pressed against his stomach as he slept, a few curly hairs surrounding it's base. His balls hung low between his spread legs and were probably full, as I knew he probably hadn't cum since his kidnapping. His nipples were tiny, but erect. I came closer towards him, running a hand lightly over his chest.

"I trust you'll be happy with him." I kept my hand on his soft, creamy skin, not bothering to turn to the source of the voice.

"Yes Jared, I'll be most pleased with him." I ran my tongue over my lower lip, my hand moving down to his stomach. "You've got your money. I appreciate your help in bringing him here."

I knew he was nodding, I didn't have to look at him to know that. He was probably hard too. "Sure, pleasure doing business with you Matthew." I heard him turn and leave, one of his feet kicking the door shut as he left. I was quite certain that he'd came with me just to gaze upon my new boy with the last time. Normally, when he sold me a boy, he'd just let me go with the boy, sometimes allowing his fellow slaver Jay to carry the boy to my car. Sometimes Jay would take the boy to his own car and deliver the boy to me. Tonight he'd come himself in the car with Jay. As far as I knew, he'd never done that before. What I did know was that both of them had done things to my boy, so maybe that had created a sort of attachment to him. Either way it didn't matter. I heard the front door shut as they both left, then returned my full attention to my boy.

I lightly stroked his soft thigh, moving my hand lower to cup his small balls. His eyes fluttered as I held them, my fingers stroking the soft, wrinkled flesh gently. "Wake up my pretty little boy." He slowly stirred and watched as his pretty eyes opened.

He turned his head down to look at me, confusion clear in his dark blue eyes. "Who are you, Sir?"

"I'm your new master." I replied simply.

He merely nodded in acceptence and parted his legs slightly. "Then, I'm yours to do with as you wish, Master." I noted his eagerness with pleasure. Jared must have taught him very well, much better then my previous purchases had been.

"Good whore." I moved between his spread legs unzipping my dark trousers and pulling out my hard, throbbing member. I aimed my hardness at his ass, his little hands reaching down to pull apart his round, pert butt cheeks, revealing his twitching pucker. Yes, very well trained indeed. With a hand still around the base of my length, I pointed it at the little hole, pressing the head against it. I thrust my hips forward, slamming my length inside of him, letting out low groans of pleasure. He was tighter then I expected for a whore that had been fucked so many times. His ass felt so good around my length and I could tell he wasn't a virgin, yet he was oh-so tight. I growled softly as I pulled out, then slid back inside him, his hole squeezing around me. I groaned, laying across him as I dug my nails into his soft thighs. He was moaning under me, his body pressing up against mine, his arousal sandwiched between our stomachs. I knew the friction of our movements wouldn't be enough to get him off, I'd had enough boys to be sure of that. His arms had moved up above his head now, ensuring that he didn't try to touch himself. I licked at his neck, the pale skin begging to be marked. I opened my mouth wide, digging my teeth into his soft neck as I bite hard into his skin. He tilted his head to one side giving me even more access to his soft skin. My thrusts got faster and rougher as I marked this beauty. Marked him as mine. As my pet, my boy.

My lips left his neck and latched around his earlobe, lightly grazing my teeth on the soft skin. I was so close now and there was really no point holding it off. "I'm going to cum in you now whore and I want you to moan nice and loud for me."

"Ye... yes Master." He moaned nice and loud, just as I wanted. He moaned my name, how good at fucking I was and various other things I couldn't even pick up on. I tipped my head back and groaned loud enough to drown out his moans, my dick buried deep inside him as I came, each spurt coating his insides and most likely hitting his spot. He was good and I was even more sure he was worth it now. I panted softly, covered head to toe in beads of sweat as I pulled out, his small body still making the moans I'd asked for.

"Mmmm, you are a good whore. You can stop making those moans now." He smiled and my praise and simply nodded, falling completely silent. I gazed over his body and noticed his hard cock still twitching between his legs. "I want you to jack off."

"Yes Master." He nodded eagerly, his eyes bright as he reached down and wrapped a hand around himself. "Do you want me to go fast or slow Master?"

"It doesn't matter, just get yourself off." He was such a good little boy, wanting to know exactly what I wanted. I sat in a chair across from the bed to watch intently.

"Yes Master." And with that his hand started stroking. For a few minutes the strokes were slow, almost teasing himself but then he sped up, clearly eager to shoot as well as to please me. His eyes were firmly on me, gazing over my body as his hand moved even quicker. Clearly his thoughts were of me as his small hips thrust up into the air, spurt after spurt of his cream leaving his cock to coat his belly. Without being told to his fingers left his softening length, scooping up every little drop of his seed and bringing it to his lips to clean up. After he was sure he'd licked it all up, he smiled hopefully at me. "Did my show please you Master?"

"Yes it did, very much so." My hardness between my own legs clearly displayed that fact. "Now come over here and give me some more pleasure."

"Yes Master." In the blink of an eye he was off the bed and had his head between my legs. He was obviously an excellent cock sucker as well as a fuckee. My fingers tangled themselves in his dark hair as his tongue circled my length, his lips firm and tight around my shaft as he bobbed his head. Already I was close again as his little hands stroked my heavy, full balls. His bright, blue eyes were gazing up at me as he suckled my dick. I knew after I came I'd have to attach a collar to his pretty little neck, but he was probably used to having one there anyway. I let out a low grunt as I sprayed the back of his throat with my load, holding onto his hair long enough to be sure he swallowed every drop.

I fell back into the leather of the chair, panting very softly. "Such a good boy." I grabbed a collar I'd left on the arm of the chair in preparation for his arrival. He raised himself up slightly so I could just slip it around his throat, pulling it tight and buckling it behind him with a smile. "My good slut."

He smiled and curled up at my feet. "Yes Master." I closed my eyes, laying back in the seat, the twin orgasms having suceeded in making me sleepy. "Now, we'll rest." I felt him nod against my foot and mumble a reply, but he was clearly tired too. I drifted off to sleep a few moments later, my dreams filled with what I'd do to him.
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