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You've failed

I hate Assignment Ada. It's evil and hard. The boss is the hardest one in the main game and, worse, the PS2 decided to die and not load after he killed me. Sigh. Fucker.

Might be renting it another week.

Today we saw Saw 3. The large pepsi drink was MASSIVE! Like as big as my head.

This'll be a random jumble of my thoughts on it as they come to me.
*Two main people die
*We finally find out what happened to Adam (definately :( )
*Several flashbacks to 1 and 2 and to around 1 as well
*Two people from 2 die
*It's clear that Jigsaw isn't behind the first two traps
*People die (duh)
*There's room for a forth, but I don't think it should be made

I'd do a better report thingy on it, but I'm lazy

Overall, I liked it.

We went for sushi after, but we got a bit confused.. then found the resturant was just across the road from where we parked. Sigh. Was very yummy though. Japanese food= < 3 Japanese guys= even more < 3

5 days till MCR! Anyone that's going (to the Brixton show) I'll be seeing you then, well if you like that is.

I need to write so I will in a min. I still hate that the latop won't even lemme play Simcity.
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