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This is my victory day

I completed Resident Evil 4! MWAHHAH! In your face Palpatine Saddler. *does a happy dance* It took about 17 hours (according to the PS2) over 5 days. I'm proud of self cause I wasn't sure if I'd be able to finish it in time.

There's a thing on the island with lasers that reminds me of the Resident Evil film.

I hate Regenerators.

I hate the dude with the massive machine gun thing. I've never been able to kill him.

Saddler was so easy though, I killed him first try (all other bosses took two+) so... mwhahha. I can't stand the girl. Hitting on Leon *tuts*

In celebration (even though I wrote it before I'd finished it) I've done fic.

I'm gonna do the extra levels later (I've only tried Mercenaries YAY for shooting people in the legs!). Later means some pooint either tonight or tomorrow.

I love it though (part from Luis dying) it's a brilliant game.

Also finished my Star Wars book (The Rise Of Darth Vader) which I loved. Next one: Labyrinth Of Evil. I love Star Wars books (except any and all to do with the Vong, I spit on them).

The main computer is working cause the monitor's replacement has arrived huzzah! The laptop works too, as in it doesn't die as long as I don't try to use AOL or anything. So it means no net, but means I can fic while babu;'s online. I put fics on device and just load em on comp from that. Saves time. It's quite cosy when I fic and she's online. I like it.

Fics that shall be done in next few days:
*What To Do With The Dead Part 7
*Twincest/Billy (Maybe)
*Something with Ryan (possibly an orgy, I'm not sure)
*The Welsh orgy
*Billy/Quinn (Maybe)
*Miyavi fic
*Maybe another Puppy sequel
*Jared/Joesph fic
*Fic for babu

There's a few I think I've missed. Ah wel

I'm not sure when the poll's ending, to be honest it don't have much point :[ Well, it kinda does, it means I now have an idea for the Mcsecretsanta ;)

Babu's got Mcfly's new album, so it's on now. Which one has Harry singing properly? The bonus track ain't worth it. I do so love this song though.

Seeing Saw 3 and having sushi tomorrow. Woopa! I hope the resturant has one of those conveyer belt things.

I'mn useful.

I'm sure there was another thing I've missed, but I dunno :[


Edit: Torchwood ep last night=best one yet.

I think I can tell the twins apart now!

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