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Fandom: Resident Evil 4
Pairing: Luis/Leon
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Necrophillia, spoilers for mid game
Notes: I'm not 100% sure what Leon's involvement was in Racoon City so... I also can't recall clearly where Luis' wound was, but I remember it was somewhere on his chest. *points to icon* That's them Luis=long hair

I watched the door for a few moments after she went through it, when the door didn't re-open I was sure she was gone. I was alone again. Slowly, I left my position on the pedestal in the center of the room to return to him. Just moments before I'd stood there and shot her free. Minutes before that I'd first arrived in the room. When it had happened. Something I hoped wouldn't happen at all.

It seemed like a forever ago I arrived in this cursed place, this village in the middle of nowhere, filled with monsters of all sizes. It was my duty to be here, to find her, to get the girl and take her home. At first it seemed so simple, like it may only take hours. There was a time when it seemed like it would take days instead. However there was one good thing about this whole trip, this whole mission. Just one.

But he was gone now.

I knelt by his side, once again feeling the need to check his pulse even though I knew I'd find none. He was gone. At least this wasn't Raccoon City, at least he wouldn't awaken as the living dead and try to rip my throat out. SecretIy half hoped he'd awaken, even if it was to pin me down and tear me apart. My mind wondered slightly at that thought. His body pressed against mine, his teeth tearing off my skin...

I shook my head to rid myself of such thoughts, but I was already hard, my pants bulging. I glanced down to the door Ashley had just gone through. Judging from the rest of this place it would take her a good few minutes to get back here...

I holstered my gun, then reached down, unzipping my flies and pushing my boxers down slightly, just enough so my hardness was free. I gazed over Luis' clothed corpse, considering my options. There were three choices: his mouth, his ass and the wound which killed him. Once his ass was unaccessable to me due to his clothing. Although I longed to be inside him, I couldn't take the risk that Ashley would catch me. So that left his mouth and the wound. Both would satisfy my longing to be inside of him, but I didn't want to tear apart the insides of his throat. So that just left one place...

I gazed at the wound intently now. It certainly looked big enough to accomodate me and there didn't appear to be any of those parasites left behind...

I carefully mounted him and pressed my wet head against the bloody wound, a steady hand around the base to help aim it. "Forgive me Luis..." I whispered softly, using my other to brush strands of hair from his bloodied face as I pressed my hips forward. I groaned in pleasure as my dick rubbed against his insides, my length becoming coated in blood as I filled him. This was wrong wasn't it? It was wrong to fuck the dead, yet it felt oh so right to be within him. By the time I was fully embedded within him, all thoughts of how wrong this might be had left my mind. His blood coated the crotch of my pants as I pulled out and thrust back inside him, my moans echoing around the large empty room. I bent down, planting my pale lips on his bloodstained ones giving him a gentle kiss as I rotated my hips. Using my tongue, I parted his cold lips, so I could explore his mouth. My eyes lidded as I tasted the warm coppery taste of his blood. One of my hands stroked the dark strands of his hair gently, while the other was placed on the cold, tiled floor for balance. Groans flowed from my lips into his mouth as I pulled out again. As I slammed back witthin him I was sure I felt something rip as more blood surrounded my length. I knew I probably wouldn't last long and I also knew that it would be for the best if I came quickly.

My lips left his so I could move to whisper soft words into his ear, my togue lightly tracing his earlobe as the words left my lips. "God Luis, you feel so good." Islammed within him again, slowly starting to lose control. "I'm going to cum in you soon Luis, you feel so good..." I let out a loud groan of his name, my length throbbing within him for a few seconds before spraying my load inside him, my cum coating his flesh. "So good..." I collapsed on top of him and planted another kiss on his lips, panting softly as I raised myself up. I surveyed what I'd done to his body, though there wasn't any noticable difference's other then a few drops of sweat and the splashes of white within the wound. I took a deep breath as I zipped myself up, reaching wthin him with my fingers to scoop up my seed. "I love you Luis, I promise I'll make them pay for this... and I promise I'll come back for you." I bought my fingers to my lips, licking the cum, blood and flesh from them slowly. He tasted so amazing... I hoped he would taste as good when I returned for him. I gazed over his body, satisfied I'd returned him to how he was before when something caught my eye. It was a piece of paper that must have slipped from one of his pockets while I was inside him. I picked it up, unfolding it slowly to read the scrawl of words on it. The ink was smudged slightly and it was clear he'd wrote it in a hurry.

If you're reading this I'm dead and you've found my body. I'm sorry I've failed to reachyou in time. In my pocket is what I went back for, it's medication that will slow the growth of the Las Plagas. It's not a cure, so you'll have to get the parasite removed some other way, but it will give you more time.

There's something else I want to say, so I shall write it here in case I never get the chance to say it.

You're an attractive man Leon. Although we've not spent much time together, I've hoped we could at some point. I guess we can't now though huh?

Take the pills, the thought of you becoming one of them breaks my heart.

I hope you never have to read this then we could be together.

Luis x

I held the piece of paper to my chest, wiping away the tears that trailed down my cheeks with my free hand. He felt the same. Now his death was all the worse. I placed a last kiss on his lips. "I love you Luis, I'll keep this with me forever." I slid the paper into one of my pants pockets, wrapping my hand around the pills he'd given me just before he died. I popped the lid, tipped two into my palm and tossed them into my mouth, swallowing the two quickly. "Don't worry, I'll never become one of them."

I heard sounds from across the way, from behind the small wooden door that was locked awhile ago. I stood up and left his body, wiping away all trace of the tears, leaving his body and steeling myself for whatever came from behind it. The door opened slowly and I levelled my handgun at it, breathing a soft sigh of relief when Ashley appeared. Now I had something else to focuss on: getting her out alive and I couldn't let her see how torn up I was inside. I put on a false smile as she ran towards me.
Tags: fic, leon s kennedy, leon s kennedy/luis serra, luis serra, resident evil 4, slash
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