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We're over attack!

Why do fireworks have to sound so much like guns? I want a gun, I wanna shoot people in the knees.

I got my mcsecretsanta assignment. I KNOW WHO IT IS! MWHHAHAHAH! ...although I'm a bit clueless as to which direction to take it.

This laptop is stupid. I want to hit it. I refuse to write when it shuts down every few minutes.


Watched Popworld. Alex is so gay. Brendon wanted to kill Alexa. Brendon takes a long time to say no to screwing Jon. Brendon also skips the 'strangest place your finger's been question.' It's obviously ass. Harry is hot minus clothes. As are the rest.

Torchwood in two hours and MCR in seven days. YAY!

Played Resident Evil 4 loadssssss again. I think I'm near the end. I'm on the island. I hate the one with the machine gun, but I've killed 3 chainsaws! I hate that they don't dissolve like the rest. However, the emain thing I picked up on is for a few minutes Leon is left with Luis' body while you play Ashley. Necro anyone? *shall write it anyway*

I need a Leon (and/or a Luis one) icon, any takers?

That's all for now, till post-Torchwood anyway.
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