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It's Resident Evil meets Lord Of The Rings

We went to the garden center today. It's far away. It tireded my legsies. We went for crickets for Zero. It's sooo far though. WAHH! They had pretty mantis' though. i want an orchid one cause it's so so pretty.

There was a big monitor lizard. It was on the floor. A hot guy was watching it while on his mobile.

There were guinea pigs. They were fluffy. BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!

Watched Hard Candy. It's weird. I dunno if he did it or not. I'm thinking he's innocentish.

Now, onto Resident Evil 4. We've had it on rental for a week since Wednesday, so when I'm on it so I have to go on it lots and lots in hopes of finishing it by next week. Therefore, I've got quite far.

Rambles about it:
*Leon is hot
*Luis is hot
*They're doing it
*Leon perved on Luis' ass
*There's a lake monster
*I killedd it
*El Giante looks like a cave troll
*I've killed two
*In a way this one is like Lord Of The Rings
*Lord Saddler looks like Palpatine/Sidious
*The kid annoys me
*I killed her once
*It was a mistake... I knifed her
*I've wanated to shoot her at point blank range
*The merchant scares/annoys babu
*While I'm puzzled how he seems to be everywhere
*And if he's one of them
*I hate the grenades so I don't use em
*The chief dude freaked me out
*I hate the ones with chainsaws
*So I run off
*I like shooting people in the legs
*And arms
*And making heads go boom
*I'm violent
*I shouldn't be allowed guns on any game
*Especially ones with that laser sight
*I hate the castle
*There's always a bloody castle!

I may hate PS2's (especially as it's taken several times to get the fucker to work right) but I loveee Resident Evil 4. It really is an amazing game and deserves the 90+% it's had.

I haven't wrote due to that... I'm bad yess, so I'll do some soonish... ish.

Matt and Simon had sex, I'm sure of it. I wonder how many Matt/Simon fics'll pop up.

I'm also crap at replying to posts so...
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