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This is Halloween!

It was too cold for me to spend any length of time outside in the outfit, but here are pics. No eyeliner for me, my eyes flutter too much when babu tried to put it on. But before all that, pics of Sunday including the Dalek cake.

The cake, unlit and lit.

me blowing them out... odd how both cakes I've blown candles off I've been in a sexual position. Last time was on my knees this time bent over

Me with crap hair

Me with cuteish hair

Me again.. cuteish hair

Me+make-up (this was taken yesterday I think)


And again




Me+babu+smushy nose < 33

Ta da! That is me plus Halloween. Next year I'll wear something warmer.

Been randomly strumming guitar.

I don't get why this comp hasn't got Panic!'s version of Halloween, cause I copied it...
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