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Formerly known as angry lesbian, now we just call him fluffy

Dresses and bras are so bloody weird.

Babu got some trainers and yay there was a HMV. Oddly it had no Panic! at all, which scares me. No singles or even an album. Bizarre. they didn't have The Blackout's album either:( Sigh. I hope they'll have em next week. Got Bring Me The Horizon's album, Nintendo mag and Bullet dvd.


Jay is so so so adorable when he talks. He's got such a quiet voice and a little stutter. Even though he looks all butch, moody and muscley he's really just an adorable pussycat.

Bullet topless = sex.

Side notes:
*Drop Dead Gorgeous really are. They are the guhsomest band ever! 5 hot emo boys all in a row...
*Does anyone have the Snakes On A Plane or Saw 2 soundtracks that they can upload and send meh pweese?

Now to finish off this outfit...
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