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We will survive

Happy Halloween/Frankie Iero's birthday!

Everyone have fun et be safe.

Later (around midnight GMT) there'll be pics of me in my outfit (which is very pretty) both with and without makeup.

I like the song, although the title is so sexual (and probably will be used as a fic title). Sean might be in What To Do With The Dead, but can a fic handle two blonde Welsh whores?

Speaking of that fic I've done a basic floorplan to the Way house, that I think will be changed when I re-do it. It has a ground floor, first floor, attic and basement. The basement will make at least one appearence.

Will Beckett is gonna be in it.

I'll do more ot it tomorrow/update it's notepad.

We're going to Orpington in a few for trainers hope there's somewhere with cd's close.
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