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By seeing the future you make it happen

Torchwood! Torchwood! Torchwood!

It was oh so good this week. I love Ianto, even though he was only in it for about 2 minutes. I can't wait til next week when he'll get a bigger part. This week was very much an Owen episode. I feel he's much less a twat now. I liked it, it was very cool. The device in it was odd, I'm still not 100% sure how it works even now except it's related to emotion. I loved it though.

Jack can't sleep and never leaves the hub, further proof that he's waiting for the Doctor to land above them so he can be reunited with his lover.

Can't wait till next week with the cyberwoman! It seems, from the Next week trailer bit that she's purposely half built (or half dis-assembled) and not an accident or a leftover of the cyberman invasion. Mostly this is gathered from the fact there's a cyber-converter in the trailer. Why the hell would Torchwood keep one when it did it's stuff to pretty much everyone at Torchwood 1?
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