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First, for my own amusement:

Karen Walker is Drunk

Second: The Fred pic is sorted now if anyone cares.

Third: I have Sneak :drools: :D

Turns out the broadband thing will have a webcam with it (eeep)

I have ideas for new icons so I'll get em sorted asap. If anyone knows were I can find a Will and Grace transcript site, I'll apeciate it.

Why are straight men obcessed with what anal is like??? Fuck it I'm not describing it! besides a tongues better then a finger anyway.... And why is Gavin flirting with Luke... again!!!

And I missed Six Feet Under, damnit! I had to miss the one Brenda comes back!

I'm really bothered now, something triggered Sam again :sigh: I'll have to talk to vulcan_girl when I see her...

I have a new desktop, he he!

And next week=shopping! I'm gonna get one of the new Buffy DVD's and Kylie's single :D (Normally retail theapy helps soo....)
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