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7 again!

Ahh how I love sickening people. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The trip yesterday was ugh. I forgot the ticket, thus missing the train, paniced over the train at wrong side of the platform cause it hadn't changed it's destination thing and just ugh. I hate the trip, especially as every time I'm a mass of bags. Bah! Got here though at about 9:30... when I left at 3:15.

Today we went to Tesco and got a sushi wrap and some other crap (such as pizza's). Got fake blood and tattoo sleeve things.

Babu got me a Dalek cake too, which we lit and I blew out when we got back. It has a button that makes it say 'Exterminate!' It's so cool < 33

We watched Poseidon and Nightmare Before Christmas. The first has such cool effects witht he fire and stuff. I sang This Is Halloween and babu asked 'how many times have you heard the Panic! one?' My answer: about 20 :[

I won at monopoly.

Zero=< 33 Both lizard and Nightmare's one.

Mcfly is number 1.

The Black Parade Limited Edition = LOVE! It's so so pretty. I'm going to read the book tomorrow.

Two weeks till MCR! Woopa!

Torchwood tonight :D

When I next write (ie when I've transfered fic's to here) the first I'll be doing is some ficlets I noted pairings of the night before I left (and was meant to write then) and What To Do With The Dead Part 7.
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