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Re-located to the Sevenoaks facility

I'd do a long entry about the trip (ie it was shit) but I shall save that for tomorrow. Tonight though (well for this post) MCR squeeage ahoy!

They were on a Channel 4 thing (NME said it was last week. NME were wrong). It was so amazing. Mikey was blantently checking Gerard out and evil glaring Frankie when he did the same. Ray's grin = <333 (I need an icon of it so if anyone has pics of it...) Gerard's gay handgestures and Frankie trying to hide aww. Most shocking of all was that BOB SPOKE! He is love and he should speak more cause he is adorable.

Mikey hardly spoke but was gazing at Gerard and wearing his whoreboots.

I hated the performance parts as the lighting was too bright. bah.

One thing I have noticed though, is it just me or has Mikey taken Frankie's palce as closet to Gerard on-stage constantly? It seems that way to me. More proof for Waycest says I.

Kerrang's New Breed cd and The Black Parade limited editon are here though. I haven't opened the Limited Edition, cause my fingers have been too sweaty so I'll do that tomorrow. My babu made me the cutest card *shall take pics for tomorrow*

Back to Lego Star Wars 2 now.
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