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What To Do With the Dead Part 6

Title: What To Do With the Dead Part 6
Pairings: Gerard/Mikey, Mikey/Ryan Ross
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mikey
Author Notes: This is what Ryan's outfit is based on (minus the large buckle thing). The link to Ryan's pic is what his make-up looks like, just toned down a little. It's taken awhile to do as I've had selective block for this fic, no idea why.
Warnings: Mentions of gore, but mostly sex
Dedications: antontobias86 for making this pretty Ryan manip to go with the fic
Part 1: Brother, My brother
Part 2: Gerard's Room
Part 3: It's been one week...
Part 4: The Exhibit
Part 5: 'If you live or die'

The bar was, thankfully for me, a dark one. I liked the places where I drank to be dark as opposed to the garish flashing lights and annoyingly loud dance music of clubs. I'd never understood the appeal of such places, even though it's where all the pretty people go. You'd think I'd be going to one of those places to find a pretty boy but I wasn't. It was here I'd had my first blow job from a pretty little creature. I was here in the vain hope that he might be too.

Ever since I'd slit my brother's throat I'd thought about what I'd do to him. Each thought had been different. Ripping out his lip rings and plucking out his perfectly rimmed eyes had been the most common elements of my thoughts. Other thoughts were less definate. In one image my hands were in his open belly, pulling out his entrails and using them to strange him. In another I pulled out his heart and ate it while it still beated. in another one I inserted his piercings in other places...

So far, tonight didn't seem to be my lucky night. There was no sign of him at all and I'd been here for over an hour. There were, however, other pretty boys that I cast my eyes over instead. One of them, though, caught my eye above all the overs.

He was pretty, perhaps too pretty if there was such a thing, and he certainly knew how to draw attention to himself. He looked like something from some form of circus or parade with his make-up. His eyes were surrounded by black eyeliner and surrounded my a deep purple-red eyeshadow. His lips were as black as the leather jacket that I wore. However, the most striking features of his face were a flock of birds that covered most of the right side of his face. In total there were seven of the black creatures, each one clearly having been done with great care from the first one by the corner of his mouth to the last that was beside his eye. Each one had it's wings spread out wide, so they all appeared to be flying as if wishing to escape his face.

As I gazed at him I absently thought it must have taken him a long time to apply all that make-up. It must half taken him at least half an hour. I gazed over the rest of him, determinded not to get too distracted by the make-up. Not that it really mattered, I'd already decided his pretty face had to hang on my wall. He was wearing the smallest black t-shirt I'd ever seen and it wasn't even that as it had lacked sleeves, exposing the palid skin of his arms. His arms had several straps with buckles on. The left one had two just above the elbow, while his right just had one at the wrist. Both his hands had leather, fingerless gloves showing off his black painted nails. I licked my lips as my eyes scanned lower, his vest was hitched up slightly so his tummy was visible. Covering his legs he wore black pants, with a visible bulge. The bulge didn't look very large which was good, he was more likely to be a bottom with a smaller cock. Just below his thighs on both legs there was a slit which showed more of his hairless skin. He was such a tease. At the sight of more skin I stopped looking, deciding that if I didn't make my move on this pretty creature then someone else would and I'd have missed my chance to cut him into pieces and peel his skin off.

I crossed the expanse of bar to where he sat on a bar stool, his brown eyes instantly meeting mine as I approached. His tongue snaked over his lips. Excellent, it meant he thought I was attractive, this would make the whole process much easier. "Want to come home with me?" I asked him simply.

A small smile crept onto his face. "But I don't even know your name." His accent surprised me though, as it was clearly American.

"Mikey Way. Yours?"

"Ryan Ross." His smile grew as he hopped of the stool. Once on solid ground he planted a soft kiss on my lips and ran a hand down my chest. "Now that's out of the way, lead on."

With a sly smile firmly plastered across my face I led Ryan out of the bar, out to the car that used to be my brother's. It was rather plain and as black as the night around us. I didn't bother with cars and neither did Gerard so I had no idea what the make of the car was, or how old it was. It had four seats, even though mostly the back two weren't used, a trunk and a cd player in the front, so it wasn't too old. Not that any of it mattered of course. I unlocked the passenger door, gesturing for Ryan to get in, which he did, planting a kiss on my cheek before sliding into the seat. I slammed the door and circled the car, opening the driver's door and climbing in, shutting the door behind me. I glanced at him, his small body was laid back against the seat, his shadowed eyelids lightly closed. His vest was hitched up more than before and revealed more of his stomach. I shook myself out of my trance and started up the car, driving us away from the bar back home.

"So where are you from?" I decided I may as well make conversation, even though the journey wasn't that long, I figured I may as well seem friendly.

"Las Vegas, how about you?" From the corner of my eye I saw his tongue flit across his lips. "Cause you're not from around here either are you?"

I shook my head lightly. "Nah, I'm from Newark, New Jersey."

He seemed to mull that over, opening his eyes slightly. "You said your name was Way right?" I merely nodded in response as I kept my eyes on the road, knowing that if I looked at this beauty for too long I'd crash us into a tree. "Way... Way... Way..." He repeated my last name over and over until he clicked his fingers, as if the name had caused him to remember some half-forgotten memory. "Gerard Way that's the one! He's trying to make a band or something or other... I seen it in a magazine somewhere. He related to you?"

"He's my brother." I managed to resist using the term 'was my brother'. "I didn't know he'd put an ad in anything though."

I saw him not slightly in response. "My friends know more about it then I do, well the more musical ones anyway. A few have been thinking of responding to it, but I dunno if they have." Inwardly I smirked. If his friends were even half as hot as he was then it would be worth my time letting them come over and think I was Gerard. It would save me time waiting in bars for pretty boys that might not show.

"Well, I'll be sure to ask my brother when I see him." Ask, no. Tell his decapitated head why I was pushing my cock between his dead lips, yes.

A smile crossed his lips. "You're so sweet. Most guys who see me just take me into the toilets and don't bother really talking to me beyond asking my name and whispering swear words."

"Well I'm not like most guys." That at least was true.

"Oh I'm sure of that." He flashed me a grin and stroked his stomach lightly. "So have you ever fucked a guy before?"

I blinked and laughed softly at his rather forward question, thinking to the only guys I'd fucked: the corpse of my brother and Ian's mutilated body. "Yeah, two."

"Really? I figured you looked a bit like a bottom. No offence, it's just you're kinda thin and with the glasses..."

"Non taken." I shrugged his remarks off, it didn't bother me at all what he thought about me, I was going to kill him anyway. "I suppose you've never topped?"

"Nope, never really seen the appeal. I'd rather be the fuckee than the fucker. If you're fucking then nothing's happening to your spot, well, unless it's a threesome."

I'd never encountered anyone before that talked so openly about fucking as him. His words sent tingles down my spine. "I don't think I'd cope well with someone fucking me."

He nodded slightly and gazed out the window absently. "Some people are like that."

"We're here." I said simply as I turned the car into the drive way.

"Ohh." He looked out the window at my house. "Nice place."

"Thanks." I pulled the key from the ignition and opened the door. Ryan took the hint, unbuckling his own seat belt and opening his door to climb out the car. We both slammed the doors shut within seconds of each other. His lithe form circled the car to my side and he wrapped his arms lightly around my waist, his fingers lightly cupping my crotch.

He rested my head on my shoulder for a moment to purr softly in my ear. "Lead on big boy."

I shivered at his words. I knew that before I tore him apart I'd have to fuck him, to hear that pretty voice of his scream my name in the throes of pleasure, then scream again in pain later. I left his loose grip and crossed the space to the front door, unlocking it quickly and leading him inside. "Gerard? You home?" I knew I wouldn't get a reply, but it was just for show anyway. Once I was 'sure' there was no reply I turned to him with a smile. "Looks like no one's home." Ryan was grinning as he closed the door, clearly pleased by my words.

"That's good..."

"Mmm it is." I pushed him against the door, we'd just come through, unable to resist him any longer. My lips were on his and my hands were tangled in his hair as I pushed our hips together. Through the material of our pants, our erections pressed against each other. I was wearing too much. We both were wearing far too much. I forced my tongue between his lips, but met no resistance as my tongue explored the insides of his mouth. He felt so soft and warm, so... alive. I pulled back, panting softly against him, our forehead's pressed together. "Strip for me pretty."

He seemed to have no problem complying with my request, pushing me back a little so he had room. He pulled his vest up over his head, throwing it to the floor, exposing his gorgeous body. He was thin, but not too thing, and he had hardly any muscles on his frame. His nipples were small and hard, like little buttons. I made a mental note to reove them later as I took of my jacket, throwing it away as he undid his fly. As he pushed his pants down I gazed at his defined hipbones. They were so pretty and oh-so-sharp. He then pushed his boxers down, not bothering to step out his pants until they were around his ankles too. Hi dick was hard, with a shiny head. It was as I expected, smaller than average but that didn't matter. Beneath it, hanging like soft, hair covered fruit, were his balls. They were full and large, which made my cock twitch slightly. Thoughts of biting into them and sucking the juices out now occupied my mind.

His boots, pants and boxers were all kicked aside while those thoughts were in my head, so I decided to follow suit. I pulled my own t-shirt over my head and tossed it, pushing my boxers and pants down together. I heard him gasp softly at the size of my cock and just flashed him a grin as I kicked my trainers away. We were back together in seconds, my lips on his and my tongue back in his mouth. Holding him tight I pushed him into the living room, lifting him up onto the arm of the couch. "I... you... don't need to prep me, I did it before.. before I came out."

I nodded, knowing that some people actually did that. He wrapped his legs around my waist, snaking his arms around my neck. With one hand I aimed my hard rod for his hole and as soon as he felt the head press against the puckered opening he pushed his hips down, impaling himself on me. "Fuck... eager aren't you?" He merely nodded with a grin before crashing his lips back against mine. He was oh so good, even though he was stretched enough to accomodate my length, he was so tight. So warm and like his mouth he felt so alive. I swore I could feel his whole body pulse around my cock. He raised himself up, pushing himself back down on my cock, moaning in pleasure. He was such a beautiful whore, he'd be even more beautiful covered in his own blood.

I pushed back into him as he moved again, clearly hitting his spot as he shrieked in pleasure. The sound made my cock tremble within him. I knew I wouldn't last long, but I tried to hold off as his ass tightened around me. I managed to last for a few more minutes until he spoke. "Ohhh Mikey... cum in me... please..."

That was all I needed and it was all over. I spilled my load inside him as he sprayed all over my stomach. Quickest fuck of my life, but so far the best. He panted softly and loostened his grip on my body, falling back against the couch. "Mmmm that was good... and don't worry, most guys cum that fast inside me first time." A grin was plastered over his face. "Just wait until round 2."

I licked my lips as I fell on top of him, capturing his lips in mine again. Well, one more live fuck couldn't hurt before I split him open could it?
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