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I want to be losing it all

I hated today. It's been spent walking to Cannock, walking round Cannock, getting lost in Cannock and walking back.


I couldn't find the Job Center. I got lost and went around in a circle. I hate it. It means I have to go in the morning.

Mum's put us on the WII waitlist. Woo.

I got some stuff for babu.

I saw a verry pretty dress-thing today. twas black and shiny and I want or me.

I'm too drained for blood donating, I've got no energy and when I have it sucked outta me, it makes me weaker.

I'm not gonna pack or anything for a few hours when I'll hopefuly feel stronger.

The latest I'll be leaving tomorrow is on the 16:05 train, which means I'll arrive at Dunton Green at about 9pm. Ish, I'm not sure of times yet. I was hoping to leave at 1, but I've gotta sort this Job Center bull out so I've got to do that. Why the fuck can't it just be in the towm center? Sigh.

I might not sleep tonight, simply cause if I do, then I'll wake up late and won't have any time tomorrow.

Have to go later to get orbs for babu/money.
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