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And take all the pain away from me

I hate my bed. I finally got rid of semi-block to write and then I fall asleep. Gah. Now it's today and I hate today.

Today I must do the following:
*Be dragged to Cannock *sigh*
*Go to Job Center *triple sigh*
*Blood donate (seems a bit unlikely noow)
*Transfer fics to device
*Get laptop
*Get money
*Check timetables
*Hate mum
*Find a way to seal off my room
*Hate mum

I can't believe how stupid she's being. Stupid and stubbon and fucking childih. Apparently grandad had a go at her, so they've not talked since Monday. Bah, it''s stupid. It's meant she's been around here constantly and having a go at me. And it's always the same things over and over.. and fucking over. I don't want you having a go at me you stupid bitch!

It's driving me insane! Insane I tell thee!


She expects us to go in like 10 minutes.

Edit: My glasses are fucked.

Seen a van with Fletchers on it.

Apparently there's going to be another Star Wars book I need out April.
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