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Pairings: Gerard/Mikey, Mikey/Oli Sykes, Bob/Oli Sykes Mikey/Harry Judd
Rating: NC-17
POV: Oli
Author Notes: Companion fic to Puppy
Warnings: BDSM
Dedications: antontobias86 and everyone that wanted a sequel.
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Two weeks ago I hadn't been my current Master's boy. My former Master made a deal with my new one, a simple trade.

My new Master had a boy, a boy with a flaw. He was missing an eye. My new Master wanted to rid himself of that boy, purely because of that flaw. I didn't know how he lost it, but it was gone completely. The eye socket was vacated of any trace of what had been there. His sole, sapphire eye was his only window to the world. I remembered how my old Master had purred longingly at the sight, how he mumbled something about fucking where the missing eye had once been. He didn't hesitate to offer me up to my new Master in exchange for him.

I tried to reason with Master, but he just kicked me in the balls and told me to shut up.

Within minutes Blue Eye had taken my place at Master's side and I was with his Master. But my new Master was different to my old one. My old Master, although he had great strength and power, he rarely hurt me. However my new Master was more than willing to cause me pain. If I didn't obey I was burned, cut or whipped. With old Master I would have been fucked. It took me a week to figure out how to be good for him. He didn't want me to talk or make any sound unless he allowed me. I was naked except for a collar around my neck and, unlike my old Master, he didn't use cock rings. Yet if I came he still beat me after he did, so i had to learn to exercise will power.

It was now the second week in and Master bought in someone, someone to, as he put it, 'show me how to be good'. What shocked me most was that he refered to this boy, well man really, by his name. It was all "Gerard, get on your knees" and "Gerard suck my cock." At each of my Master's instructions he obeyed, sliding his naked body down to his knees and parting his lips to suck Master's cock. In all my time with my old Master, I'd never seen him with anyone else, so watching this felt so strange. It felt even stranger as Master had gotten Gerard to shackle me to the wall before telling him to get down on his knees. As I watched Gerard suck Master off, then suck on two of his own fingers before bringing them behind him to finger himself, I became painfully hard. Before I begged to be sucked off I bit my lip, knowing I'd probably only earn some form of punishment. "Ok, that's enough." I heard my Master groan. "Turn around and show me your hole." Soundlessly, Gerard did as he was told, turning around and reaching behind him to spread his asscheeks. I was amazed by how obedient this man was to Master. He had to be another slave like myself, even though he had no collar or marks on his pale skin. Maybe he'd just learned to be extremely good, to the point that he didn't need to be beaten or collared. Master had definately brought him in to set an example to me. Master held onto his hips and thrust his large cock deep inside of him. His mouth opened wide, as if he'd cry out but he didn't make a sound. Master made all the noise for them though as he pulled out and thrust back inside Gerard harder then before. "You always feel so good big brother." I gasped and blinked at those words. Did I hear that right, was this... was Gerard really Master's big brother? He'd turned his own brother into his slave? I bit my lip lightly, my arousal weeping at the sight of the two brother's fucking. Gerard was now making soft groans after Master purred something in his ear. I merely assumed it must be permission for him to make such noise, as he was no making noises so loud they rivalled Master's. Master's nails dug into his thighs as his thrusts sped up and, judging by the noises Gerard was making, he'd angled them to hit his spot. I wished so badly that I could just reach down and touch myself, to jack off to this sight, which I hoped to everything I'd see again someday. The moans of them both filled the room, yet I managed to keep silent, a fact I was sure Master noticed. Master let out a loud, low groan and his whole body stilled, his back arrching as, I assumed, he came deep in his brother. Gerard still hadn't cum. I simply gazed at him, amazed by his self control.

"Thank you for shooting inside me Mi..." He stopped himself, apparently about to say master's name before correcting himself. "Master." I absently thought how many male names began with Mi and realised it was a very short list.

"Good Gerard." Master was petting him, seeingly not caring about the slip of Gerard's tongue. Maybe he simply hadn't heard, either way Master was now pulling out of him, moving to Gerard's head where he wiped his messy cock in his hair, leaving a sticky white stain. "Now you may have your reward."

He seemed to know what that reward was as he stood, crossing the room to the wall where I was shackled. He unlocked the shackles and pulled me forward slightly, away from the wall. Then he surprised me. "Get on your knees bitch." He growled loudly and I trembled slightly at his words, but more out of shock then fear. This wasn't what I was used to, he was Master's slave, he couldn't order me around. There was an order to these things, slaves couldn't order other slaves around... "I said, get on you knees bitch, and I expect you to do as you're told." He reached down and grabbed my balls in his hands, squeezing them painfully tight. I screamed in pain, willing myself not to try and move his hands for fear of more pain. "Or I will squeeze until you beg me to hack these off."

"Ok.. ok.." I whispered softly, with tear-filled eyes. He let go of my soft balls, allowing me to slide to my knees in front of him. Now my trembling was in fear, fear over what he could do to me. Apparently making boy's feel pain ran in the family.

He ran a hand through my hair, tangling his fingers in the dark strands. "Now, I'm sure you know what to do." I bit my lip lightly and nodded, parting my lips to wrap them around his leaking cock. I swiped my tongue over the head of his drooling dick, but that wasn't enough for him. "Suck." He half moaned and half growled, pushing my head down his thick, pulsing length. I closed my eyes and took it, breathing through my nose as I felt it hit the back of my throat. "Mmm yes... he's good alright, shame you got rid of the other one." I sucked as best I could, tightening my lip around his salty flesh. I was still surprised at his tone to Mater as it was now bordering on conversational.

"Mmm... Harry was good, but too hard to control." Master was close and without opening my eyes I guessed he was behind Gerard. "Hence popping out his eye and trading him in."

Gerard moaned loudly, thrusting down my throat. "Shame you're so impulsive brother, I would've took him off your hands."

Master merely laughed at the suggestion and as I opened one eye I saw him over Gerard's shoulder, shaking his head. "Then you should have another boy to trade, I know you wouldn't part with Quinn." He nipped Gerard's neck lightly, making him yelp in surprise. "And I know you wouldn't have wanted to look like a pussy in front of him by having me fuck you."

"Stroke my balls bitch." He growled down to me, after noticing my sucking had become lax due to my listening in. I sucked harder on his length, closing my eye again as I cupped his hairy balls in one hand. I squeezed lightly at the soft flesh, still listning to in but trying not to let it effect my sucking. "I couldn't have done that..."

"You're too proud Gerard."

Gerard didn't respond and I knew why. His length seemed to grow slightly in my mouth and his balls tightened up against his body. I prepared myself, sliding back so just the head was in my mouth as he came. I swallowed as soon as he started shooting and kept doing so, knowing that if I tried to savor his taste my mouth would get full and it would dribble down my chin. If Gerard was anything like Master, if I let that happen then I'd be punished. "Good boy..." He panted out, patting my head lightly as he slipped himself from between my lips.

"Good boy." Now that was Master praising me. "Open your mouth wide." I did as I was told, watching Gerard move back as I did so. Mster gazed ofer his shoulder into my open mouth, inspecting it intently. "Mmm... you've swallowed it all, good. And you didn't cream yourself, I guess you can be good."

"No punishment for him huh?" Gerard shook his head slightly and turned his head to kiss his brother's cheek. His eyes seemed to be begging Master to hurt me somehow.

"Maybe I should punish you instead for trying to get me to hurt him." Master just shook his head and a breathed a sigh of relief as he rejected his idea. But Gerard just leaned back and whispered something in Master's ear instead of responding so I could hear. Whatever he said clearly had an effect on Master as he let out a soft urr at the suggestion. "Alright, you've convinced me, but you'd better do that." Gerard merely grinned and nodded, licking his lips as he gazed at me.

"Of course Master."

"Get on the bed bitch, on your belly."

I whimpered and stood, fearing what was to come as I made my way over to it. The large bed occupied the center of the room and had four posts, each post having it's own shackle attached to it. As I mounted the bed, I felt filled with a slight sense of dread as to what was about to happen, but I knew I didn't have much of a choice. I lay on my stomach, spreading my tattooed arms and legs out to the corners of the bed as I knew Master would want. Both Gerard and Master worked on shackling me to the bed. Gerard secured my wrists while Master did the same to my ankles. "Right Gerard, get what we need."

"Yes Master." I watched as a smirking Gerard went to a nearby set of drawers, unlocking the top one and pulling out some items I couldn't see.

Master was running his hands along the backs of my legs, stroking my skin very lightly. "We're going to have some fun with you bitch, then I'm going to have some fun with my whore of a brother." As he said that Gerard return to the side of the bed, handing something to Master silently before placing something on the bed beside me. Gerard's hands were on my ass, spreading my cheeks apart exposing my hole to the cold air of the room. I felt Gerard spit on my pucker, making me moan as his saliva hit my slightly wrinkled flesh. "You're going to prep him now Gerard, two fingers." I gasped loudly as he did as he was told, roughly pushing his middle finger inside me. "Now be a good bitch, you're not to make a noise yet or cum until I say so." I squirmed on the bed sheets as Gerard curled his finger inside me, searching for my spot with his tip. Master apparently noticed as he growled loudly. "Gerard! stop fucking around and prep him."

"Yes Master." Gerard sighed softly and slide his finger out, forcing in a second one inside with it on it's return journey. I groaned in pain at the force, but he didn't seem to care, his fingers scissoring hard inside me. After a few moments the groans of pain turned to ones of pleasure and that seemed to be the signal for him to pull out his fingers. I had to bite on my lip agian to stop myself from begging him to force them back inside me, instead letting out a stifled whimper and pushing my ass up into the air. Gerard just chuckled at my desperation and I felt something press against my hole to replace his fingers. I instantly knew what it was. The head of the plastic dildo forced it's way inside me and it felt like it was bigger then ether brother, possibly bigger then both of them. As they pushed it deep inside me, I realised it was defiantely bigger then either of them. "Can I start now Master?"

"Mmm... yes you can Gerard." A few moments later I found out what he was asking to start. I heard a loud snap as a whip cracked the air beside me. I trembled in fear as Master rammed the rest of the length inside me, making me arch my back and let out a moan of surprise. I heard Master take a step back and felt the whip lash against my back. "You may scream as much as you want now boy, no point holding it in." With Master's approval, when the next lash hit my back I screamed in pain. Gerard seemed to take great joy in lashing at my back and I knew I'd have large red welts for days once he was done.

"Master... join in." I heard Gerard's voice, the words sounding like a plea. I wondered what he meant, but soon I found out as Master did two things. The first was his fingers twisting the end of the dildo, making the entire length vibrate inside me. I closed my eyes tightly as it pressed against my spot, moaning and screaming as Gerard whipped me again. The next lash against my back was joined by something hard hitting my ass. I knew exactly what it was: a paddle. With each hit from the hard wood it made the vibrator squirm even wilder inside me. I didn't know wheather to scream or to moan, so I let out sounds that were half and half. Now each whip lash was accompanied by the sharp sting of the paddle, which drove the vibrator deeper inside me, much sent waves of pleasure through me as it pressed against my spot.

"Master please... can I cum!" My voice sounded strange even to my ears as I begged for release, rocking against the bedsheets.

"Pet, count every time we whip and hit you, when you get to ten then, and only then, you can cum. If you miscount then you have to start again. Understand?" I nodded slowly. My old Master had done something similar, where he got me over his lap and would spank me until I came. I took a deep breath before the neck hit came.

"1.." Hit. "2..." Lash. "3..." It was easy really, I ground against the bed at each hit, feeling myself get closer and closer to the edge. "4..." Crack. "5..." Smack. "6.. 7..." Two hits together, almost designed to see if I'd miscount. "8.. 9.. 10...fuckkkkkk!" Ten came out as a load moan, my dick exploading over the sheets below me as I'd been told. I arched my back in pleasure as the sticky cum sprayed over my belly, moans and groans tumbled out of my mouth as a jumble, nothing really making sense until I collpased against the sheets, panting heavily.

The vibrator was slowly pulled out of my ass my Gerard as Master came in front of me, patting my head. "Good boy, very good." He planted a light kiss on my forehead. "I can see you've been worth the time to train." The whip and paddle in hand, he went to the drawer and locked them back inside it. "Gerard. We're done here. Out. Now."

I heard Gerard shuffle out with a whimper." Get some rest pet. You've earned it." And with that Master left, leaving me to wonder exactly what he as going to do with Gerard now. A few minutes later though, I heard moans through the walls. It must be something pretty good, whatever it was. Satisfied I knew what was going on I rested my head on the pillow and fell asleep, my dreams filled with thoughts of the two brothers.
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/oli sykes, bring me the horizon, fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, harry judd, harry judd/mikey way, mcfly, mikey way, mikey way/oli sykes, my chemical romance, oli sykes, slash
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