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How I disappeear

The Japanese are brilliant, cause they have all this hot yaoi stuff. Not just comics and anime, but games too. Sigh. I wish I was Japanese sometimes.

Mum scares me. She wants MCR on her I-Pod. I'm freaked out. I hate I-Pod's, they're shit. I have to convert files to mp3, which takes about an hour to do en masse and then it all relies oon stupid fucking I-tunes which last time didn't detect the pod that was attached.

Even scaroer, mum seemed to like the gay in last night's Torchwood. I'm scareded

I hate my bed, I go to lay in it cause my back sometimes aches and I end up curled in it not wanting to leave cause it's so comfy. Sigh. it doesn't help that I actually had inspiration and was writing. I'm still wiping sleep from my eyes aso I dunno if it's still there.

It's too windy out. I wanna stay inside. Wahh.

Ugh. I hate waking up to Robbie's album. It's so shit. It's hard to believe that someone like him was capable of Angels.

Tommorrow's blood donating, so I'll probably be too weak to write or generally be online when I get back. It usually lasts for a few hours, recent times though I've gotten quicker at strengthening up so...

I'm gonna read, write and try and avoid going out.

Edit: I'm sure we all feel this way about writer's block
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