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Kick me like a stray

I got NME and kerrang from CO-OP but it's too wet to go to Cannock. Ha! I'm the Princess of avoidence!

The Pepsi's out of offer. NOOOOOOOOO!!!! It's now shit coke. But I got chocolate donuts. So yay.

Kerrang has two good poster's this week. Gah why didn't they make that subscription offer BEFORE I got babu to order the album sigh.

NME has lots of MCR and Mikey's definately become evil. He cuts up starfish. And he snarls. Guh.

I'm thinking I might be a pansexual.

Watched The Eye last night. Drifted towards the end. it made me jump. Oriental doctor's are sex.

Causa yesterday's MCR 101, I've decided to do this one post and turn it into a variety of bands 101. Thusly it's gonna be image heavy.

This is Matt Tuck. He's Welsh. he plays guitar and is the lead vocals. He looks good with a gun. He shit's in plastic bags (fuck knows why).

This is Micheal "Padge" Pagett. He's guitar? I get mixed up. Well, either he or Jay is bass and I can't be arsed to check. No one understands a word he says. He's Welsh. Especially when drunk. This picture isn''t flattering.

This is Jay James. He's bassist in the band. He allso does the screamy bits. He's hot and muscley. He's even hotter with fluffy hair. He's also Welsh. His fingers go in places.

This is Moose. Guess what he does. He's called Moose case his name is Micheal to and it would just get confusing to have to Micheal's. I dunno his last name. he' Welsh too. This is a band from Wales, so they all are.

They have group drunk sex.

Also sex in the shower. padge is angry he's been left out.

This is a normal group shot. It's not in Wales cause the sky's a funny colour.

This is Charlie Simpson. He's singer and guitarist in Busted Fightstar. He is very tall. He has big eyebrows. He's a bottom. He went to the same school as Harry. They clearly did things. He is doing his brother.

This is Dan Haigh. He's bassist. I'm not sure which. He has hot hair. He looks good wet.

This is Omar Abidi. He's the drummer. He is sexy. Yes I know he's large. he has nice arms and a cute smile

This is the three of them. They have threesomes.

This is a group shot, note how they are holding tight to Charlie someone said the B-word and made him again. The other one is Alex. I don't like him. Apparently he's an arse.

This is Harry Judd. He's in Mcfly. He's their drummer. He's posh. He went to the same school as Charlie. They clearly had sex. Harry is possibly the gayest person on Earth. He's got the most gorgeous blue eyes. he was the only one that didn't fully strip at G-A-Y. He knows about slash.

This is Dougie Poynter. He's the bassist. He's the youngest in the band. He likes getting naked a lot. He likes dressing in drag. He has a big tattoo. It has a TIE Fighter in it. He's the band's bottom whore.

This is Tom Fletcher. He's the oldest in the band. He's guitarist and lead singer. I prefered his old hair.. and his tubbyness. He has an adorable dimple. He loves Star Wars. He has a Star tattoo on his chest. It's very sexy.

This is Danny Jones. He's some weird Boltoner that they picked off the steet to make the numbers up. He also is lead guitar and singer. He's a bit dim. He's from Bolton. I don't like his new hair.

This is a group shot of them topless. They're hot and they know it. They get topless a lot.

This is them dressed in drag. It's normal for Dougie.

This is them doing a got milk ad. No milk was used in this ad.

Harry is very clingy to Dougie

And also pervs on Tom

This is them stripping at G-A-Y. They're used to being naked in front of gays.

While this is them naked on a piano on the tour

Harry is married to Dougie. Tom officiated the wedding. They're the perfect couple because they're both whores. Tom has had sex with them.

It's important to note that Harry and Dougie (at least) like MCR as they have been to gigs. On dates.

this is Miyavi. It's important to note he's not a band but just a person. He's Japanese. He is sexy. He plays guitar in a very unique way. He likes Star Wars. His hair constantly changes. He kisses boys. He has a giant hammer. No one knows his last name.

He loves animals too. Especially cute furry ones

He also dresses like a whore.

This is Brendon Urie. He is vocals in Panic! He also does piano. He's from las Vegas. He's clearly gay and in denial.

This is Spencer Smith. He is the drummer. He's adorable. He has a cute voice. He's also a bitch. And a whore. I want to pinch his cheeks.

This is Jon Walker. He's the new bassist. He's sexy.

This is Ryan Ross. He plays guitar. He does backing vocals. He is a whore. He wears lots of make-up. This is him in his very very gay rose vest.

This is proof that Ryan is a whore.

This is a group shot of them. Note how close Ryan is to Brendon.

This is Ryan and Jon looking very very gay. Ryan is practically on Jon's lap. Who wears sandals unless theye're gay?

This is Spencer and Jon (with some random guy) after raiding Ryan's closet.

This is Spencer in pink. Only gay guys wear pink.

This is Jon and Pete I'll-get-my-cock-out-and-post-pictures-online Wentz of Fall Out Boy. They clearly have had sex. Pete is a whore.

Another group shot. This is Ryan showing how he has been fisted. Up to the elbow. He is a whore.

Ryan's head is magnetised to Spencer's crotch.

this is Panic! after group sex. oddly they are dressed. Note: Brendon's gaze. The other one (also in the fisting one) is Brent. Brent went. No one likes to talk abut him so we won't. He has, in Spencer's words: 'no musical talent'.

This is Dave Williams. He's in Son Of Dork. He's Welsh. He's a whore. He's gay. He crossdressed. He sucks snorkals. Dougie licked his nipple. It was 'strangely salty'. Ohh and he also plays an intrument of some sort.

This is a group shot of the Dorks. The others aren't that interesting. James was in Busted and a slut. Steve is a slut.

I'm only gonna do Bert and Quinn cause I haven't got group pics/pics of the others.

This is Bert Mccracken. He's the lead singer in The Used. He's from Utah. He's a whore.

This is Quinn Allman. He's guitarist. He's also a whore.

Bert and Quinn frequently kiss.

Bert has also kissed Gerard Way. More then once

Bert clearly wants Ian (Watkins, from Lostprophets who are Welsh. Ian's a whore too. He's done it with Gerard).

This Quinn and Billy Martin. They have a lot in common as they are both vegitarians and both clearly fucking.

Thus concludes Bands 101. I hope you feel educated (cause I sure as hell don't) and feel inspired. Any inspiration all get can you put it in a box and ship it here? Anyway, these have been most of the bands I care about. Well. the attractive ones. Well, the attractive slashy ones. Well, the attractive slashy ones I have pictures of.
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