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I'm a neurotic introvert, ask me how

So I'm a neurotic introvert according to a psychology test! Hmmm! *sings madly*

I'll be over here now....

Anyway, Gavin's still being nice, so I'm so fucking creeped out you wouldn't believe!

*Thinks about maiming Lee (not Ryan, but ex Lee)*

Also I'm definately getting Sneak this week, due to a really hot poster of Duncan! It's already inspired me to write a drabble, Tease (which I'll post later with the other drabble Sleepy). Both of which are Lee/Duncan.

Might do Walk Away, I have really good ideas for it and since I can't do Make It Happen I might as well. He he.

*It's gonna be 2/3 parts
*First part: Walk Away, second part: Walking After You, third part: untitled as yet
*It's gonna be angsty, Lee will leave Duncan
*No deaths
*There will be: Lee/Matt, Duncan/Antony

I'll leave it at that for now, wouldn't wanna give any more away;)
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