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And through it all

For people newly converted to MCR, here are pictures with names and what they do < 3

This is Frankie Iero. He is short. He plays guitar and is covered in tattoo's. He does backing vocals with Ray. He has his own clothing company (Skeleton Crew). He is short.

This is Ray Toro. He also plays guitar. He does backing vocals with Frankie. He has big lips. And bigger hair.

This is Bob Bryar. He is the band's drummer. LOOK HOW ADORABLE IS WITH HIS CUTE SMILE! He has a lip ring. He's from Chicago, while the others are from New Jersey. He very nearly died for this band, yet he still wanted to perform. He can be violent with cammera's, though that's seemed to have died down now.

This is Gerard Way. He's the singer. He has blonde hair, a lot like Dave. Look at that gay hand pose! He's been known to kiss guys. He's genrally the spokesperson of the band and most interviews are focused on him. he also does drawings and is releasing his own comic. He loves Star Wars

This is Mikey Way. He plays bass. He used to have glasses. He joined the band (and even learned bass) so he could be with his brother. He clearly has sex with his brother. He wears whore boots.

This is a group shot of the band < 3

End MCR 101.


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Note: Mikey's eyeline

Not where Mikey is;)

Group shot. Dude looks like the White Patient in Doctor Who

This is an old pic, what they used to look like

NOT A MANIP!! they are always this close, though I think minus glasses Mikey has become more... aggressive
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