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A doctor

Watching Torchwood again tonight instead of tomorrow cause it's on BBC3 again and I wanna watch with mum.

I hate mum. She wants to move everything in the living room around. Bah. All this after her doing the windows, thus the fuckers being open and freezing me more then normal.

I wish we could have more icons on here. I get the feeling I'm on the max limit. I want to add icons of other things that I can't quite remember now.

MCR have a thing for doing date shere in November.

I hate that I have to go to the Job Center. I keep getting anxious and not wanting to go. Bah. Not that I want to go anyway.

Edit: O_O Mum's humming MCR... I'm scared

Edit 2: I can't be arsed to do another post so..
Once tagged by this entry, the assignment is to write six random facts about yourself.
Then, pick six of your friends and tag them; no tag backs.
1: I love My Chemical Romance
2: I have a cuddly Zero
3: I want to see oriental gay porn
4: I think I'm crap at writing fluff, so I write so little of it
5: I want Harry to come out already
6: I'm dressing in drag for Halloween

*tags the obvious*

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