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Just sleep...

Today was very nearly a disaster. I woke up at 9:20. I was meant to stay up all night or be up at 7:30. However, in ten minutes I was ready and we (yes sadly mum did come too) got the bus.

As soon as we arrived at Walsall I practically ran down the main street to get to Music Zone. 5 minutes after I arrived mum wandered in. I GOT THE ALBUM! The black cover one and it's amazing (but then I already knew that). There's gonna be new MCR stuff on the site soon. Woop!

Mum has no dress sense. At all. Sigh.

Going in Virgin was odd. They played The End... then Star Girl. O_o Bizarre.

I got Star Girl from HMV but know I won't listen/watch for ages, even know though Harry wears lipgloss. I want him to sing!

I've heard The Black Parade about 6 times already < 3333

I've got two Frankie covers, for Janey and babu.

Attacktix are odd.

In Pizza Hut mum embaressed me. Someone had Black Parade plastic bag. Cue me staring. Cue mum noticing, turning round and asking about it. Gah!:[ Was from Music Zone, so I went back and got it.

Nowhere had The Blackout:(

No other covers part from Frankie. Must e-bay them methinks.

I shall dance, sing and write now.
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