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You care more about a severed hand

Owen is a whore, I like him
Ianto is cool < 3 He's so sweet even though he hasn't done much
It is so welsh. And apparently all the Welsh are whores
Gwen was dissappointed when the alien-posessed chick stopped snogging her
"I'm not doing that again."
Rose is good for something
JACK AND THE DOCTOR'S HAND! His protectiveness of it is a sign of love. I actually yelled noo at the sscreen when it broke.
'Torchwood 4 disappeared.'
I like Tosh, she's a geek
Hot guys
Owen is quite hot
Jack's a flirt
'I think he's gay'
It's quite clear why Jack's doing this. He's hoping something big goes down on the rift so the Doctor comes back for him. Why? because he loves the Doctor
The battle of Canary Wharf < 33

Edit: The knife is sex
Also the pizza guy looked like Spencer < 33

It's brilliantness!
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