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Just because I'm not here, doesn't mean I won't mock

Ok, so I finally went back to school today: turns out there was only 1 lesson to go to! Ahhhh!

There's a new teacher walking round, and he is hot with a capital h. :P

And Gavin was being NICE to me!:O Puzzling this is, hmmm.

And so was Lee, maybe he wants to come back...

Told Liz bout Bangor, so she's decided to be my chaperone. In other words, go with me until I get a guy ;)

The laptop has already gone to titch's so I can't write anything goddamn it! Anyway I do have plenty of fic ideas that I might start writing on paper. :sigh:

Anyone that's been trying to contact might not be able to for a day or two (unless you are on at 1am or 4pm), so sorry!

Oh, and we're gettin broadband! :grins:
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