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So come one, come all to this tragic affair

Today's been eh. Though I'm incredibly hyper for Monday, the day hasn't felt right cause there hasn't been a single present to open. Sigh.

I got the sun, again causa MCR. < 333 They seem to be everywhere

I think The Black Parade's been used to much, cause some tracks have died:(

Being at nan's is depressing.

However there's been working batteries for the cam, so pictures. Pictures of everything.

Kit Fisto and the orbs. The yellow one is the electric one, the blue is the gas one.


Captain Jack and the webcam that's shit

The Doctor Who card TARDIS, a certain cyborg General and the pile of Dir En Grey cds

My Cards, plus some of my Star Wars figs.

My work area

My two Kerrangs, I'm starting to think the other three are myths

My lego Yoda and pile of dvd cds (Mcfly singles etc)

The posters near my comp (left top to bottom Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Ian Watkins, center: My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, rightmost Harry Judd, Bullet For My Valentine)

MCR Picture discs



My Star Wars reference books


My posters at the end of my bed. (Mcfly, my Chemical Romance, Lostprophets, Bullet For My Valentine, Panic! At The Disco, AFI)


Sushi, not as good as baby's


The cake

Me with said cake

Me on my knees blowing said cake...

Cake minus candles

Me... ugh

The only good pic from Fightstar. Dan bent over

Good people for looking at all that: take a piece of cake
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