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And then I forgot how it ended....

Today was Fightstar. I got more money then I expected for it, so I left some behind for the DAY OF LOVE THAT IS MONDAY!!

I gor three mags NME (Panic! is sex, anyone that says otherwise is lacking sight), Big Cheese (cause eee MCR and patch! I still haven't opened that) and Total Guitar cause the pictures posted online were < 33

With a big Smiths in tow I went into HMV and Forbidden Planet. I have no idea why I went into HMV. No where has Kerrang cept Gee :( WAH I WANT BOB AND MIKEY!

Met Zazzie outside the academy, talked about the most random things in the world, as always. It's very weird talking to her after so long. Lotsa catching up on both parts. Went to get some chips nd the chip shop had a We Are The Black Parade sticker on the counter.. I squeed inside.

Went into the Academy at just after 7. Got a tee, badges and a lighter, before tossing them in said bag and giving them to the cloakroom dude with my hoodie. I got a lotta £1's from it.

Three support acts later (with an abnormal amount of bottle throwing) Fightstar came on.

They were amazing (cept I couldn't see Omar cause the speakers so I was all :( ). Charlie seems like he was definately meant for this and not Busted. You can tell by the way he plays, by now he moves and acts on stage. He was meant for this.

He had a very high tendancy to show skin, mainly his tummy but also his asscrack. Mmmm. Dan's hair was like a lions mane. Dan=sex.

Alex is eh. ALWAYS EH!

A new revelation occurred to me over the night.

Charlie Simpson is a bottom

He bent over twice and once was on his knees with Dan's ass in front of him. he frequently made orgasm faces at Dan and a fair few at where I assume Omar was.

THEY PLAYED FIGHT FOR US! I never expected them to as it's just a b-side, but still.

No new stuff though.

Note to Fightstar for next year: stop using that misty stuff and the strobe lights PLEASE!

Got a poster outside, the tee's looked blah.

Went to train station and gave a guy some money. I swear I'm too nice sometimes.

I get home and mum's still awake, so she wishes me happy birthday. Thanks I really needed reminding, then she actually asked how it was. WTF?

I finally get away to come online and what do I find? The Black Parade is online. I REFUSE TO LISTEN TO SONGS EXCEPT THE ONES I'VE HEARD!

Therefore I've heard/will hear:
Welcome To The Black Parade
House Of Wolves
Famous Last Words

This is the most will power I've ever used in my life.

The Sharpest Lives: (Ok I caved and gave in but only once!) Begs to be ficced
House of Wolves: I thought it'd be the best song on the album, then i heard the rest. Makes me think bad things. And poll dancing
Cancer: Didn't make me cry first time (unlike most people) but it makes me all weepy now
Mama: I love it cause it's crazy
Famous Last Words: Waycest songified. Pure and simple. It makes me cry
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