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Cause I See You Lying Next To Me

Cause I See You Lying Next To Me
Pairing: Sykecest (Oli Sykes/Tom Sykes)
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Bring Me The Horizon
Notes: Title from Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance
Warnings: Drunken sex, incest
Dedications: antontobias86, though mostly for Janey et Caitlynne

Oli had invited me out drinking for his friend's birthday, so naturally I said yes. This was the first time I'd really seen him since his band had started touring. However he wasn't spending the night with me, he was dancing around like an idiot and getting drunk. That wasn't until Curtis, whose birthday it was, was carried out, completely wasted. It took Oli about five minutes to realise everyone was gone. It took him ten more minutes to stagger over to me. He practically fell beside me on the couch I was sitting on, had been sitting on all night. One of his arms fell behind my neck as he grinned drunkenly at me.

"Hello pretty, how are you?"

I blinked, before replying. Afer all, he was so out of it, he didn't know what he was saying. "I'm ok Oli but I..."

"Shush...don't say a word, I know just what you want pretty." He leaned forward, closing the distance between us as he planted his lips on mine. I gasped against his lips in shock. Normally if anyone kissed me, girl or guy, I wouldn't mind, but this was my brother. This was wrong. And illegal. And wrong. But he didn't seem to care as he pushed me back on the couch, lifting himself from where he sat and moving so he straddled my legs. His ass pressed down firmly against my crotch as his tongue slipped from between his lips, pressing against mine. I closed my eyes, concentrating on trying to struggle out of his grip, but I only succeeded in making it tighter. As I opened my mouth to try and tell him to stop he used the opportunity to slip his tongue inside. The tip pressed against my own, before slowly swirling around, the soft flesh exploring my mouth. To my slight disgust I was actually starting to enjoy it. Enjoying it so much I was actually starting to respond. Enjoying it so much that my cock was starting to harden.

He pulled back from my lips slightly, making me whimper at the loss. "See pretty, you do want it." He pressed his ass harder against my crotch, making me groan softly at the feeling. Sure, it was wrong for me to want more, but he was the one doing this to me and it felt oh so good. He trailed a hand over my t-shirted torso, his fingers pinching my hard nipple as they felt it. "Do you want to come to mine pretty?" Before I could respond he trailed a path with his tongue over my cheek and around to my ear. "I can do things to you that'll make your head spin." He lightly licked around the shell of my ear slowly. "Things that require us to have a lot less clothes."

Without thinking I nodded against him. Now the part of me that wanted him to snap out of this had become barely a whisper in head. "Ok..."

He moved from my ear so that he was in front of me, a wide grin plastered over his face. "Good pretty." He slowly stood up off my lap, taking my hand in his as he did so. "Let's go pretty." I stood behind him, following him through the bar and outside into the cold night. As soon as we were outside he dragged us, staggering slightly, to the curb, waving his arm for a taxi. Thankfully, one pulled up within seconds which we both climbed into, Oli opening the door for me and ushering me inside as he slurred out his address to the driver. He settled back in the seat beside me, rubbing my thigh with one hand as he whispered softly in my ear. "I'm going to show you the time of your life pretty."

A low moan escaped my lips at his words and I hoped to all that was holy that he wanted to do what I thought he wanted to do. I ceased to care how wrong this all was, that whisper in my head now gone completely as we pulled up outside my brother's appartment. It had only taken us ten minutes to get here, but it felt like forever. Ten minutes of him whispering dirty things in my ear, thigns like "You won't be able to sit for weeks when tonight's done." and "You'll be moaning my name as I make you see stars pretty." Ten minutes with an erection that needed contact so desperately.

As soon as we arrived Oli paid the driver, opened the door and dragged us outside. "Come on pretty." He fumbled in his pocket for his keys, grinning in triumph as he pulled them out. He pulled me to the doorway, managing to unlock and open the door quickly. I was thankful that his appartment was on the first floor and not higher up the building as he dragged me up the stairs. I gazed at his ass as I followed him up the stairs as best I could. As soon as he reached the top of the stairs, he led me over to his front door, unlocking and opening it quickly as he pulled me inside behind him, ramming me against the wall as soon as we were inside. His lips crashed against mine, his tongue pushing my lips open. My mouth parted for his tongue to slip inside, to twirl around mine again like I craved since we left the bar. His hips pressed against mine as he lapped at my tongue, his hardness clear as it pressed against my own. I didn't want him to ever leave my lips, but I knew we'd have to sooner or later. Sadly it was over all too soon. His lips leaving mine so we could both take deep breaths of air. "I think we should take this to the bedroom pretty."

I nodded slowly as he grabbed my arm to tug me again as we went through the darkened appartment. I was getting used to him holding me and leading the way. As soon as we entered the room he pushed me onto the large double bed that took up most of the space. He climbed onto my body, straddling my hips as he bent down to kiss me again hungrily. At first I responded to his desperate kiss, surrendering myself completely to it. Until I realised we had a problem. I puleld back from his lips and gazed into his eyes. "Oli..."

"What is it pretty?" His eyes were glazed with lust and he looked like if I didn't speak quickly his lips would be back on mine again.

"Shouldn't we be... out of these clothes?" I replied quickly, gazing into his eyes and running a hand over his t-shirt slowly to make my point.

He grinned brightly at my words, shaking his head eagerly in agreement. "Yess, good point pretty." He reached down for the hem of his t-shirt, grabbing it between his fingers and pulling it up over his head quickly. I gazed at the newly exposed skin, at his beautiful tattoo's and hardened nipples. He looked so gorgeous, so pretty. I reached down and pulled my own t-shirt up tossing it away to reveal my own, less impressive torso. He stood up off me, undoing his fly quickly and pushing his jeans down his slightly hairty legs as I did the same, eager to be naked as quickly as possible for him. Soon we were both naked, our boxers discarded as our jeans were. His trainers were then kicked aside as I reached down, undoing my own laces and throwing them across the room. Satisfied, he climbed back onto the bed. "Better pretty?"

I nodded, gazing over his body again, my eyes coming to rest on his hardness. He was about an inch larger then I was and slightly thicker, the tip of it glistening with precum. He seemed to notice where my eyes were focussed. "Now pretty, how about you lube my cock, while I prep your hole?"

I nodded slowly in response, slightly unsure about what he meant. That was, until he crawled over me, his large cock dangling over my face. "You don't have to suck it pretty, just make me nice and wet ok?" I nodded, gazing at his length for a few moments. I'd never been this close to a dick before and I really wasn't sure what I should do. I decided to follow his instruction and extended my tongue, lightly licking at the tip of his erection to coat it with saliva. I heard him make a soft purring noise as he parted my legs, his own tongue trailing down my length. I groaned in pleasure, as he licked over my balls, his tongue heading still lower. I closed my eyes, opening my mouth as wide as I could so I could take the head and the first inch of the shaft between my lips. I suckled lightly on the salty skin, slowly twirling my tongue around the hard flesh. I gasped in shock as I felt his own tongue push against my asshole. He chose to take advantage of my open mouth, lowering his length another inch into it. I took several deep breaths through my nose as I lightly suckled on him, as his tongue pressed inside me, slowly circling to wet my inner walls. I pressed my own tongue against his tip, lightly trailing it over his slit, tasting salty precum that had formed there. He moved his hips back slightly, purring in pleasure. "Mmm... that's it, now get my shaft nice and wet pretty." I nodded at his words, snaking my tongue out to lick along the sides of his shaft. His lips were now pressed tightly against my pucker, his tongue slipping into me every few seconds to feed my hole saliva. I opened my eyes slightly, moaning in soft pleasure at what he was doing to me as I concentrated on coating his erection. Either satisfied or impatient he stopped what he was doing, rolling over onto his back, his gaze going down to inspect his hardness before looking at me. "Nice job pretty." He smiled as he got off the bed, moving to stand at the end of the bed. "Now, I want you to slide down the bed and put your legs over my shoulders ok?"

I nodded and did as he asked, moving slowly down the bed and raising my legs so they hooked over his shoulders. I gazed at his beautiful face and every single part of me knew that this was what I wanted. Sure, this wasn't how I pictured losing my virginity but this was already a million times better then how I'd imagined. He smiled and held his length with one hand, gudiing it between my ass cheeks so it was pressed against my hole. His free hand was stroking my hip lightly as he pushed inside me. I tip my head back and groaned, unsure wheather it was from pain or from pleasure as he stretched my tightness open. "Don't worry pretty, it gets better, the pain will go away." He laid forward so his chest over mine and captured my lips in gentle kiss. His other hand moved to my other hip, both lightly stroking along my hipbones as he thrust himself into me. I parted my lips with a moan, wincing slightly at the pain he was giving me, but as much a sit hurt I felt full, complete. And I knew I wanted more.

After what seemed like an eternity of stillness, the only movement being our lips and tongues against each other I managed to leave his full lips, gazing into his eyes and pleading desperately. "Oli... fuck me, please." His lips curled into a wide smile, as if all he'd been waiting for were those words to leave my lips then he slowly edged out my body until just his head was inside me, then, before i coudl even think, he slammed his entire length back inside my. He planted his lips back on mine as he repeated the action, his tongue forcing it's way back into my mouth. This time though, the angle of his thrust had changed slightly as the head of his cock pressed against something deep inside me, something that I didn't even know existed yet it sent wild waves of pleasre all the way through my body. "Holy fuck Oli! Do that again!" He grinned down a tme, satisfied as he pulled out and rammed back inside me, making sure he hit the same place as before. sure, I'd heard that being fucked up the ass was good, I just didn't know it was this good.

One of his left my hips, reaching to grab the wrist one of my hands that was tangled in the bedsheets. He bought it down to my hip and purred against my lips. "I want you to touch yourself pretty." I did as he said, wrapping my hand around my erection and jacking it off, precum already leaking profusely from the tip. The sight seemed to spur him on, his thrusts becoming harder and faster with each passing moment. Our lips were attached once again, our tongue's doing a now familar dance around each other. My eyes were lidded again as I lost myself to the moment. Moans passed between our lips. My hand speed up it's movements, my thumb caressing the wet tip. My ass muscles squeezed around my brother's length. His nails dug deep into my hips, sure to leave marks. His mouth left mine, making my whimper at the loss until they attached themselves to my neck, his teeth nipping at my flesh. I closed my eyes tight, groaning as I knew that I'd have clear lovebites for days now but not caring at all. "Fuck... I'm gonna cum up your tight little ass soon pretty and I hope you're fucking close too..."

I merely nodded and moaned in response as I bucked up, his words enough to drive me over the edge, my cock fountaining spunk over both of our chests. I clamped my asshole around him, feeling his cock pulse within me as he shot load after load of his cum inside me. He collapsed on top of me, lifting my legs and placing them back on the bed so he could lay beside me before bending down to lick at the pools of cum on my chest. I panted heavily, as I felt my ass leak onto the bed. "Wow... Oli that was so fucking good..."

He only made a soft "Mhmmm..." in reply as I stroked his hair lightly. A few minutes later I realised he'd stopped licking at my tummy and my instead breathing softly against it. I smiled at how easily he'd been worn out, then rested my on a pillow. Although when this fiirst started I was disgusted, I realised that I wanted this and that I certainly didn't want this to be a one time thing. I hoped that when he woke he would remember what had happened and, as I drifted into my own slumber, I hoped it would happen again.
Tags: bring me the horizon, fic, oli sykes, oli sykes/tom sykes, slash, tom sykes
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