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We're all full of lies

Once again I wake at 12. Therefore no Jobcenter again. Eh, I'll sort it when I go Friday.

My lip ring fell out in my sleep;[

I still have to find the Fightstar ticket for tommorrow.

However, I have got Kerrang. Co-Op had about 6 Gerard's and a Frankie, so I got Gerard and Frankie and some pepsi. So as soon as I've been back I've been sitting here, reading the interview in it. Bob is cute and so is a picture of Mikey.

It was all done a that $2 show and you just get the feeling of how close they are and how... crazy it must be for them to be so famous so fast. From what I can tell the sudden fame just put pressure on them. I think recording it in a haunted house didn't help for some reason. Although cutting's mentioned I think it's all metaphorical as opposed to literal. They see each other as brothers < 3

Gerard's uniform really has become a second skin. Althoughm, why does Mikey have a medal and the others don't?

For being an issue I'll be gettoiing 5 times, there's not a single good poster. Sigh.

The Black album has Ian on. Well, it's only 6 tracks so it's not really an album. It's out Monday.
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