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So life's a series of routine plans

This=my next week+. Most or it has to, nay, must, be spent writing. Huzzah. It seems there's so much to do and so little time. Oh yeah, and no money.

Tonight: Writing (Priority: Sykecest)
Tuesday: Jobcenter (Priority: What To Do With The Dead)
Wednesday: Writing (Priority: Mcporno)
Thursday: Fightstar, gone from 3-1
Friday: Turning the evil number (which will consist of me sulking in bed)
Saturday: Writing (Priority: Welsh orgy, other untitleds)
Sunday: Writing
Monday: MCR ALBUM!!! EEEEEE!! Packing
Tuesday: Writing
Wednesday: Mcfly at the Fort signing ?
Thursday: Travel
Friday: Mcfly signing Milton Keynes ?

After that I go by dates not days.
Halloween: Most Haunted Live
November 12th: Babu's Birthday, MCR Brixton
November 28th: Bullet
Nuvember 30th-December 2nd: Travel home
December 7th: Lostprophets

I uploaded a new icon cause I lack one of him.
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