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Pairing: Gerard/Quinn/Ian Watkins with mentions of Gerard/Mikey and Gerard/Mikey/Quinn
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, crossdressing
POV: Quinn
Notes: It's slightly less kinky than it was meant to be, though there's room for a sequel.
Dedication:antontobias86 and xcupidxstuntx who requested it.

I lay on the bed in my room, the place where I'd been kept by my Master. Well, I used the term my room, it wasn't really. It had two beds, one against one wall and one in it's center. I was on the smaller one, against the wall. Apart from the beds there was only a closet and a chest of drawers. The closet held various outfits that Master would make me wear, most of them skimpy clothes because seeing me dressed as a girl really seemed to get Master going. In the drawers, Master kept various items to use on me, such as vibrators, paddles and butt plugs. There was several sets of shackles against the wall and some hanging from the celing, Master had shackled me to each at least once. In the corner of the room there was a toilet without a cubical. Sometimes my Master liked to watch.

About my master, he was slightly older then me, though he didn't look it. He had black hair that didn't obey any particular style, which was long, almost past his shoulders now. He'd often come in wearing just leather pants and thigh high boots. He'd then tell me to get on my knees, or on all fours, or into one of those outfits.

About me, well there's not much to know. I'm my master's boy, with dirty blonde, mid-length hair. Other then my outfits for Master, I'd normally only wear a collar around my neck and a cock ring. I spend my whole day shut in this room, only seeing Master when he needs me or brings me food and drink. I'd been his boy for about three years, though it was difficult to truly judge time here. I couldn't remember much of life before being here and maybe that was for the best. I was sure that, before being with my Master, my life was shit anyway. During my stay here I'd only ever seen one person besides my Master, his brother Mikey. From what I could tell they had some sort of sexual relationship, but it obviously wasn't a regular thing. Mikey was, apparently, a Master too and had at least one boy of his own. Somehow I got the feeling that if they weren't both tops, then one would have the other as a slave. Instead, Mikey would visit sometimes, about once or twice a month, and Master would let him use me. I didn't mind at all as having Mikey inside me felt just as good as having Master. Of course, there three main bonuses of having Mikey here. One was to see him and Master make out. The second and third was that I could be spit roasted and have both of them pounding my ass at the same time. There was really nothing like it.

I knew sometimes Master went to Mikey's to do the same with his boy. Sadly neither had told me anything about him, so I knew nothing about him.

My thoughts were disturbed as I heard the door unlock. Quickly I jumped up from the small bed I was on and sprawled myself on the larger bed on my front. I spread my legs as wide as I could rested my elbows on the matress. My hands held my chin up as I gazed at the door as it opened. In the doorway stood, as I expected, my Master. He seemed overdressed, wearing leather pants as well as a t-shirt and jacket with his black boots, as it was the most I'd ever seen him in. In one hand he held a leash, a leash that was clearly attached to someone or something that was behind him, as it was slightly taut. As far as I knew, my Master wasn't into bestiality, although I wouldn't put it past him.

"Hello master, what have you bought with you?"

A dark smile crossed his lips as he entered the room. "A playmate for you boy." Again, my minds eye conjured up the image of a large dog that would mount me and make me it's bitch while my Master watched and laughed. The sounds from the thing following my Master was clearly something on all fours, but I couldn't see who or what it was yet. He gazed over his shoulder, then cooed sllightly."Come on pet, come and meet my boy."

I watched, curiously, as this 'pet' came around from behind my Master. It was a boy, with the leash attached to a collar around his pale neck. His hair was about my length, but black with a few blonde streaks through it. His naked body was pale and from what I could tell, he had a large cock dangling between his legs that was ringed like mine. However, he had several things that marked him out as a very different boy to me. I could see from between the cheeks of his rounded ass, that there was what looked like a tail, possibly held in place by a butt plug lodged inside him. More strikingly though, were the other differences. Over various areas of his pale skin were black patches of varying size. It quickly became clear to me that these patches were, in fact, tattoo's that were specifically designed to make him appear like a dog. He gazed at me with bright eys and made just one sound at me. A loud bark.

"This, my boy, is Ian. He's been trained to be a dog." He ran a hand through Ian's scruffy hair, ruffling it even more. "I've paid a lot to have him made like this and it's taken them a full year to get him in the right mindset as well as to put those pretty patches on him." At this he ran his fingertips over a small patch on Ian's upper back, causing the boy to purr. "Now, you are going to be a good boy and dress up as a pretty little girl."

I noddded nervously, glancing at Ian before getting off the bed, crossing the short distance to the wardrobe. As I opened it's doors I shivered at the feeling of eyes on me. The gaze of my master I could deal with, but the gaze of this... boy it made me tremble. I fumbled inside the spacious closet, knowing that my master wanted something skimpy that wasn't part of an outfit. I pulled out a small black mini-skirt and a tube top of the same colour. I stepped into the skirt, sliding it up my smooth legs and buttoning it up once it reached my waist. Then I pushed my arms through the top, pushing it down so it covered my body from just above my navel to just below my shoulders. I didn't bother wearing panties, even though I had some, as I figured they'd just get in the way. Finished, I turned around and returned to my Master and Ian. "Does this please you Master?"

He nodded slowly, licking his lips slowly, his jacket was now discarded on the smaller bed. "Good boy. Now come over here." I did as I was told, swaying my hips as I approached, until I was a few feet away from him. He held up his hand, signalling me to stop. "Turn around boy." I did as I was told and watched over my shoulder as he knelt down beside Ian his hands sliding down his body and popping off the ring around his dick before trailing slowly back up to his neck and unhooking the leash from his collar. I managed to hear him whisper softly in Ian's ear, "Go get the bitch." At those words, Ian let out a soft growl and left my Master's side, crossing the short distance between us in a few bounds. I felt his hands land on my back with such a force that it made me fall forward onto all fours. He mounted me with ease, his thick member pressing against my cleft.

I bit my lip nervously, feeling his cock brush against my hole. I was unprepped and feared the damage he'd do to my asshole. He didn't seem to care, however, as, in one quick thrust, he rammed himself inside my puckered hole. I let out a loud squeal of pain as I felt myself tear around him, my blood now acting as lubricant for the rest of his dick. I heard Master laughing as Ian held me down with his large hands, which were now on my shoulders, and thrust the rest of his length inside me. I closed my eyes as he roughly pulled out and slammed himself back inside hard and I was sure more blood coated him now. He licked roughly at my neck, his teeth piercing my soft skin as he rammed inside me again. Tears formed in my eyes at the pain he was causing, but before they even fell I let out a loud gasp of pleasure, as his rod nailed my prostrate dead on. I pushed my bloodied ass back against him, desperate for him to hit that spot again. Master was right when called me a slut, because I was. I was a slut for cock, no matter whose it was. His thrusts seemed to manage to get even rougher somehow as he continued the pace inside me. Each time his cock was buried between my asscheeks it hit my spot and, as it did so, I tipped my head back in pleasure. His teeth were firmly latched onto my throat and it seemed that at least two of them had been sharpened by the way they pierced my skin. I felt something large rub against my face and recognised it instantly. Master's cock. I knew he wouldn't be able to just sit back and watch. I opened my mouth wide to accommodate his length, which quickly filled the space in between my lips. I closed my mouth around him, suckling lightly as his hands gripped my hair tightly. It wasn't long before he was thrusting away in my mouth like Ian was up my arse, his heavy balls repeatedly slapping against my chin. I grazed my teeth lightly, twirling my tongue around the head whenever I got the chance to, but I knew he was already pretty close. He was like this whenever Mikey fucked me. Mikey woould be fucking my ass so hard it made my head spin and then there would Master's cock be in front me, right in my face. I heard Ian growl in my ear, feeling his cock expand slightly inside me just before he shot his load inside me. Master's grip tighten in my hair as I felt the same thing happen to his own length. Cum was soon all that filled my mouth and I swallowed eagerly, not wanting a single drop of the salty liquid to be wasted.

I felt Ian pull out of me as I swallowed, my eyelids blinking open as Master followed suit. "Come on pet, give the bitch your cock to clean." Ian rolled onto his back, parting his legs as I got the first proper view of his torso. There were two dominant patches across it, one surrounded his left nipple and almost reached his right. The second covered about half of his belly, including his navel, but it ended just short of his crotch. His soft dick was covered in a rainbow of bodily fluids as I crawled between his legs towards it. I glanced up at his face as I bent down, twirling my tongue around his head and tasting the now-familiar tastes of cum and blood. His cum tasted different to Master's, but I couldn't exactly explain how. I licked his shaft clean slowly, to make sure I'd gotten everything, hearing him make strange growly purrs as I did so. It didn't take me long to complete my task and soon I was sitting back and gazing at both my Master and Ian. "Good boy. Very good." His fingers were in Ian's hair again as he spoke. "I can see you're going to have lots of fun together."

"Yes Master." I whispered very softly and I knew he was right. After all, Master was always right.
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