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I don't lilke this idea of hiding

Minus Pepsi, there's fuck all to drink here. Without Pepsi, there's only tea and coffee (which I never ever drink) milk (which I only drink in it's chocolate form) and hot chocolate (which I can only drink at night). Wonderful.

And since there's no change to get any I can't get more Pepsi at all.

I'm just going to go smoke, that takes away my thirst and appertite.

I hate Kasabian and Towers of London.

Edit: I have Pepsi! Huzzah!

Kitty!Tom's here.

Mcfly, add a date on the Friday for London. I'm torn apart which date I have to be going to and I can't go to both. If one's added on London on friday I can go to two and everyone's happy.

Edit 2: Oh the joy. mychemicalslash is closing for a few days. What's wrong with the fucking mods there? They don't contribute anyhting except to complain and make stupid constant mod posts
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