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Well I think I'm gonna to burn in hell

We're out of pepsi. Therefore I'm suffering pepsi withdrawal symptoms.

I've signed up for wtf27 Seriously, what is with me joining all these At least it's no particular fandom.

Next week I'm just shutting my self away and saying 'I'm not 20 I'm not 20 la la la', after all, family doesn't give a fuck.

Yay for gay pride in Simpsons.

Mum was drinking tonight. When she's drunk she rambles aimlessly about nothing, says the same obvious things repeatedly (she, after getting Harry out, said Harry's on me 4 times) and generally be's annoyying before falling asleep. Tonight she sobbed too (which is normal when she's had a few) and asked t see about Euthanasia, cause it's been in Holby City.

Thankfully she's in bed.

I can't believe how long it took me to find my signed Bulelt Kerrang.

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