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Into something real

Trying to write is hard when there's the temptation to go on Empire At War. It's lovw.

I hate that next week I'll be 20.

Added more to my notepad about What To Do With The Dead.

New things have been decided:
*Ian will survive (albeit altered) until the last part
*Full character list (as of now):
Alex Westaway, Bert Mccracken, Bob Bryar, Charlie Simpson, Dan Haigh, Davey Havok, Eddie, Frankie Iero, Gerard Way, Harry Judd, Ian Watkins, Ilan Ruben, Jade Puget, James Bourne, Jared Leto, Jay James, Matt (either Heafy, Tuck or Willis I haven't decided), Mikey Way, Miyavi, Oli Sykes, Omar Abidi, Padge, Quinn Allman, Ryan Ross, Shannon Leto, Spencer Smith
*More will likely to be added
*Five characters will be in the last part, Mikey, Ian, Jared, Shannon and an as-yet-undecided character known only as 'pretty boy'
*There's two possible endings, both have been worked out in some detail, I'm not sure which to use until the end
*So far over 20 parts have been worked out
*8 of them (discounting ones already done) have titles

This fic as even more planning to it then Blade you Stain had. It's the most planning I've actually done for a fic.

However, I'm not doing more to it until Saturday. I'm determined to do other fic tommorrow first.
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