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What To Do With The Dead Part 5

What To Do With The Dead
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Mikey/Gerard: Mikey/Ian
Notes: It's very AU and will have crossovers
Warnings: I don't really know how to describe so... gory stuff.
POV: Mikey
Fandoms: MCR/Lostprophets
Dedications: antontobias86 imyournobody Emo!Tom courtesy of w0rds0fl0ve and khitlerbitch
Disclaimer: not mine/not real etc

I stood beside him, content to watch him squirm in pain for a few minutes. My tongue flitted over my lips as I gazed over him, my mind coming up with various tortures. I traced a hand along his side, lightly caressing his butt cheek before raising my hand and spanking it hard. He yelped then heard him murmur something, the words 'please God' the only ones I heard. "Now now slut, no praying." I growled down at him, moving so I was back in his eye line again. "God isn't real. He's an excuse, a mere idea that's used by religious psychopaths to justify controlling the masses, making them suffer for being who they are and bleeding them dry. Belief in god is a form of madness, believing he is actually talking to you is worse. Indeed, if I ever thought god spoke to me I'd jump in front of a train right now. God doesn't exist, so he can't save you. In fact, the only feeling close to god here is me. I control if you live or die." I glared down at him, right into his fear filled brown eyes, his face incredibly pale. "And, perhaps most importantly, how. So stop wasting the rest of your pitiful life praying for help."

I slapped him around the face, the walked slowly to the other end of the bed. "Now though... I'm hungry." I reached to the nearby chest of drawers, pulling open the top one, reaching inside and grabbing out two more bone blades. I slammed both through Ian's feet, causing him to sscream as he was fully pined down on the bed. "I can't have my dinner escaping me now can I?" I knealt down beside him on the floor, running a tongue over my lips. He looked so tasty laying there like that, especially his legs...

I ran my tongue over his leg lightly, tasting the slight saltiness of his skin. I purred softly at the taste, then opened my mouth wide and roughly bit into his skin. His blood instantly flooded my mouth, the taste overwhelming. It tasted so much better then Gerard's, probably because it was still pulsing through his veins. In the back of my mind I heard Ian's gargled screams, but I ignored them, swallowing as much of his blood as I could. I pulled back slightly, licking at my bloodied lips as I let out a soft growl. I opened my mouth wide and bit at his flesh, but this time not just to taste blood. I dug my teeth deeped into his skin, ripping away some of his flesh. I heard another of his screams pass his lips, but again blanked it out, instead concentrating on chewing on the meat in my mouth. Like the blood, it was better then Gerard's, but only due to the fact that Ian was alive when I tore it from him. As I swallowed what was left inside my mouth I started to register his screams again. I sighed softly, pulling away from his bloody leg to gaze at his face. "Shut up whore. Don't make me rip out your tongue and slit your throat." I pulled out the bone-blades that I'd slammed through his feet, then did the same to the ones that had impaled his hands to the bed. "Roll over."

Not waiting for him to even try and move, I rolled him onto his back. He turned his head to gaze at me, pain clouding his eyes and tears shining on his cheeks. "P... please Mikey..." I returned his gaze, deciding to listen to whatever he had to say. Hopefully it would be short. "Mikey, this... this isn't you. Please, don't do this. Mikey I..."

Done with hearing him talk, I bent down, wrapping my lips around his softened dick, the action enough to silence him. My hands moved up his body, reinserting the blades through the wounds in his hands, before moving them back down and doing the same to his feet. All while I sucked him. It's amazing how, even through immense pain, giving just a little suck will get someone to full hardness. It also amazing at how quickly someone shuts up when said sucking starts. I glanced up at him, his head tipped back slightly, exposing his pale neck. I'd have to do something to that later. It didn't take long for his length to harden in my mouth and I licked along his underside briefly, then around the head lightly. I slide my mouth back down his length, making sure to graze my teeth along it as I went. He was making soft groans in pleasure now, as if my previous tortures to him had never even happened.

I growled around him, then dug my teeth into his flesh, biting hard into his erection. His moans changed to yelps of pain, then screams as I pulled back, tearing his dick off. Blood sprayed over my face, some splattering over my glasses. I didn't care, simply enjoying the taste of flesh in my mouth as I started chewing on his length. His flesh tasted oh so good and I knew I'd have to have more. But, as I ate, I realsied something. It would have to be fresh, cut straight from his body, with hot, coppery blood still pulsing through it. He'd have to still be alive.

I had an idea as to exactly what I wanted to do to him.

I stood up and left his side, searching through the room's various drawers. I'd done an overhaul the day before of them, emptying the clothes and various other items that Gerard had stored in them, replacing them with my own. What I'd thrown in the drawers was, among other things, what I'd used on his body. As I returned to Ian with a handful of things, opening the door to the wardrobe on the way, setting them all beside his pretty head. "Now, you are going to be a good boy for me." I pulled the bones out of his hands, then set to work. Using a short length of rope I tied his hands together above his head. Grabbing another piece, I pulled the bone-blades from his feet and bound his ankles together. I parted his lips with my fingers, holding them open as I pushed a ball gag between them before removing my fingers and buckling it behind his head. I assumed he'd passed out from the pain, as he was so non-responsive and continued my work. I picked up a needle and thread, then moved down and sat beside his thigh, leaning down and sewing up the wounds I'd given him. It took a few moments for me to stich them up, before I did the same to his wounds on his hands and feet. Still unconscious, I lifted him up from the bed, carrying him over to the closet slowly. I pushed him inside it, raising his arms and tying the end of the rope around the pole inside it.

Absently, I wondered whether I should try and wake him up, but decided not to. Instead, I closed the doors on him, then left, picking up both my clothes and his as I left the room. I'd shower, throw these clothes in the wash then go out. All this torture gave me the urge to pick up and tear apart some pretty little boy and I knew exactly where to get one.
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