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Heaven help us

I love Heaven Help Us.

This morning I got an e-mail that made me all squealy. MCR are doing a tour next year. At big arenas! I never thought they'd play at Wembley. It's just so cool and amazing < 3

Turns out I'm near the end of Resident Evil. As in, if I go on again I'll finish it. Woo! The Tyrant scares me.


Gonna write today, get NME and pepsi.

Tommorrow, find job center, cause it looks cloudy today. Kerrang tommorrow < 3

Edit; Went to co-op to get NME and Pepsi, but they had the bane of my existance too: chocolate donuts! For the first time in a month! they are yumemrs < 333

But it means I'm a quid short for Kerrang...
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