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Sharpen your tongue

I. hate. Her. Up only a few minutes and it's moan, moan, fucking moan. One thing after another. I haven't even gotten my jobseekers allowance thing sorted and she's already carving up the money I'm meant to be getting! it's fucking uni all over again. The only thing she cares about is money and getting more then she needs. The most I can get is £45 a week and she wants £30.

Screw that. I need that money for Fightstar, to see babu, MCR, Bullet and Christmas.

I now have several of the thigns for the kinkyways thing sorted. Huzzah.

Yesterday was, for the daypart, mostly boring. Cept I now have doritos.

However, the night bought the Torchwood trailer. It looks brilliant and Captain Jack is just... mmm.

Tommorrow equals getting the MCR single and seeing about the allowance thing.

I've noticed the last few days I've managed to pump out (*snigger*) a fic a day so I'll try and keep with that. I'm back on being able to write Mcfly slash at last.

Kitty!Tom's here :D < 3
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