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So I Told You With A Smile Part 3

So I Told You With A Smile
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Fludd, others
Warnings: Various, but it'll spoil it
Dedications: antontobias86 < 33
Notes: It's been awhile, so I'm updating this then Mcporno soon. I haven't had inspiration in awhile though so..
Parts 1 and 2

Harry trembled under me, fear clouding his deep blue eyes. His fear reminded me of Dave, only his was much more satisfying. I planted a kiss on his lips, then jammed the knife into his chest, through his left lung. Blood spilled from his mouth, staining my lips as he squirmed, trying to scream or escape. Blood spilled down his chest, staining his pubes and pooling in his belly button. I pulled away from him, my lips and chin covered in his blood. He finally managed to scream but I ignored him, instead choosing to lick his blood from my lips. He tasted nice, sweet. I'd definately enjoy opening a vein and drinking it straight from his worthless body.


I pulled out of Dave's body then stood up, picking up his both of his hands as I went. "Are you hungry?" I purred calmly, licking my bloodied lips as I headed towards the oven. "Cause I am." I gazed at his bloody form for a response, but he was just weeping, bringing his arms to his chest in an attempt to cradle the still-bleeding stumps. "I'll take that as a yes." I opened the door, tossed both hands onto a tray within and slammed the door shut, twisting one of the oven's many knobs to turn it on.

"Should take about ten minutes. What can we do for ten minutes?" I started to circle his bleeding body, low growls coming from my throat. "How about we discuss how my boyfriend's been banging you?"

"Tom... I'm sorry..."

I growled, not wanting to hear his stupid Welsh accent make meaningless apologies. I kicked him in the stomach, hearing him let out a wail of pain as he curled up into a ball, trying to protect himself from any more kicks that would come his way. I didn't care. "He was mine and I was his! Yet you... you and you're stupid Welsh accent and your shitty blinding hair... you steal him away from me. We were good together, we were happy and yet... somehow, you fuck it all up. What did you do? What was it that made him want you hmm?" When he stayed silent I growled, louder then before. "Answer me you sheep-shagging bitch!"

He kept his eyes on the bloody tiles as he mumbled softly. "O ahcos mi byddwn i diwyg lan fel hogen."

I hissed in displeasure, kicking him in the stomach. I'd heard that when people suffered they'd revert to their first language. Guess that's what he was doing. "In English you stupid little bastard!"

He cried out in pain at my kick, then took a few deep breaths before speaking. "Be... because.. I dressed up as a girl... that's why he came to me." I glared down at him, demanding more explanation with my eyes. "It started at James' halloween party, I'd gone dressed in drag. He... he saw me and pushed me into the bathroom. He fucked me right there and I could here someone at the door..."

Fire burned through my veins as I remembered that night. I remembered how Dave looked that night. I'll admit, he did look hot in his little schoolgirl's outfit, but that doesn't mean I would have run off and screwed him. Worse, though, was that I had been that person at the door. I'd heard his moans in Welsh and just assumed someone else was fucking him. But never had I thought it was Harry. Danny, James, Steve, Charlie... but never Harry. But now the image was all I was seeing.

"I was.. I was his bitch and he'd..." He gulped visibly, shaking violently, his eyes still on the floor. "He'd always want me dressed as a nurse, or a schoolgirl, or in a dress. As long as I was in drag he didn't care what I wore. He'd never even touch me if I was dressed as I normally do though..."

Before he could say anymore I heard the ping of the oven timer. "Time to eat."


I twisted the blade in his chest when he didn't answer. I needed to hear it from his own lips, I wanted to make sure the dead whore had been telling the truth. "Ok! Ok!" I stopped twisting the knife, leaving it inside him as he whimpered in pain.

"I'm waiting."

He took a deep breath, coughing up some blood before starting. "Dave... he'd... dress up for me."

"As in.."

"Cross-dress. He'd cross-dress for me." I twisted the handle slightly, making him moan again loudly. "I did him because he'd dress as a girl, because I knew you wouldn't! You're so fucking unadventurous Tom! The most kinky thing you've ever done is tie me to this chair! Sometimes a guy just needs something like that to get him off. Although I love you, it's just not enough. I need some excitement and you couldn't provide me with that. He could. I could be as forceful with him as I wanted and it wouldn't matter." I emitted a loud growl from deep within my throat.

Right now I wanted nothing more then to rip his guts out, wrap them around my body and dance around the room covered in his blood and entrails. "That's all I wanted to hear." And with that I ripped the knife from his chest and slit his belly open.
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