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Got the t-shirt

Note to anyone: If you value your corporeal soul, never go clothes shopping with a girl.

Went to Walsall today with Kel. But before I did the 30 Seconds album arrived. Yay! It's really weird to copy, cause it has Hunter and Battle Of One as Track's 11 and 12. :/

Went round every clothes shop in Walsall, which tired my legs out completely. :(

Got the new Evanescence album (why's it only £8 everywhere?) the 2nd Doctor Who Battles In Time mag (with free TARDIS andd one of the cards was Captain Jack!!). Got two bracelets, one which is bullets, the other is barbed wire.

Got 4 packs of french fries for £1 from Woolworths < 3 Where I also found out that there's 2 Doctor Who seven packs, with only one fig difference between them :/

Also got a book on serial killers for inspiration. Got Big Cheese mag cause it has hawt Panic!ness < 3

Kel got me my birthday present: A perdy Triforce tee. < 333

Now, to rest and write.
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