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Title: Cooling
Author: Moi
Fandom: Busted
Characters: Jaybourne, with mentions of Charlie/Omar
Prompt: 9 Ice
Word Count: 1069
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine yet
Author's Notes: This was started during the summer heatwave, but I didn't finish it until now :[ I oh so rarely do Jaybourne
Dedications: antontobias86, but twas meant to be a birthday pressie for sparklyfiend :[

"James! C'mon, stop messing with that air conditioner! You've been trying to set that thing up for half an hour, give up already." I watched as he head popped up from behind it, his face and shoulders of his topless body covered in a sheen of sweat. I had to resist purring at the sight, sweaty James alwas turned me on. "We should go to Charlie's, he has his already set up."

He stood, untangling himself from behind the machine and took a few steps towards me. "I'm not going to Charlie's." His eyes narrowed at me as he pushed hair from his eyes. "And you definately aren't."

I sighed softly, standing from the couch and running a hand over his chest. "Not this again Jimmy..." Before we'd even got together I'd had sex with Charlie. It'd been a one nighter and we'd both been bored and alone. James had been out 'songwriting' with Tom, so we'd just been at home drinking. One thing led to another and we fucked on the sofa. Of course I told James that we were both drunk and he came on to me, but really I'd got him drunk and I came on to him. "It was a one time thing Jimmy, you know that." Sadly, that was true." Besides, he's with Omar now."

"Yet more reason not to go. He's probably having sex with... tubby in front of the conditioner right now." He shuddered sightly against my touch. I'd never admit it to him, but that thought turned me on.

I let out a soft sigh and shook my head. "Then how exactly are we going to get cool?"

His bright eyes seemed to twinkle in thought, then he leaned in closer, giving me a gentle kiss. "Take off your boxers." I nodded, wondering what he was planning as I hooked my thumbs in my boxers, pushing them down my bare, hairy legs as he disappeared into the kitchen. I lay back on the couch, gazing through the doorway he'd just gone through, wondering what he was planning. He had, at times, a devious little mind, so he could be up to anything. My cock twitched at the thoughts that ran through my head, but they were disturbed by him yelling from the kitchen. "Matt, close your eyes!" I nodded and did I was told, hearing him re-enter the room. "Keep them closed and spread your legs." I spread them slightly for him, curious as to what was going to come next.

I felt one of his hands part my ass cheeks. I felt his cold tongue lick along my cleft slowly, making me let out a soft breathy moan. How the fuck had he got his tongue so cold? His talented tongue quickly found my puckered hole, the cool wet flesh wiggling it's way inside me. I squeezed my eyes tighter, groaning in pleasure as it squirmed inside me. Agonisingly slowly he circled it inside me, pressing it against the walls of my ass. I felt the back of his other hand press against my my thigh as it moved to my stomach. I felt him press something cold against it, something cold and wet. His tongue left my hole and I heard him purr softly. "Rub that all over yourself." I reached down taking the ice cube between my fingers and started to trail it over my chest, circling my nipples with it slowly. His tongue was back to lapping at my cleft with renewed coolness, but this time he wasn't using it on my hole. Instead his tongue was just trailing along my ass, before licking lightly at the skin between it and my balls.

"Oh gods Jimmy...." I groaned in pleasure, pushing back against him. His tongue had to be his best feature, I swear he could work wonders with that thing and I knew he could. If ever he was out of work, then he could just use his tongue to get whatever he wanted. I felt his tongue move up, running over the soft, wrinkled skin of my balls before his lips closed around them. Once again I groaned in pleasure, arching my back slightly and forgetting to move the melting cube clutched in my hand. His tongue circle my soft flesh, one of his hands rubbing my thigh, the other trailing another cube along my trail. I gasped as he ran it through the forest of hair that surrounded my length, then emitted an even louder one as the slick ice cube was trailed up along my hardness. "Fuck..." His lips left my balls and his tongue trade places with the cube. I opened my to watch as his tongue traced one of the veins that kept my shaft hard, the near-melted cube now caressing my large, heavy balls. "Suck me Jimmy.. .please..." He stilled, hovering just a few millimetres above the head of my cock, all I felt was his cool breath against it making my shaft quiver with anticipation. Slowly he bought his lips down, opening them wide and wrapping them around the head. I closed my eyes again, letting out a loud moan as he took me in his mouth. His tongue wiggled against my underside as he swallowed my length. The cubes that had been in his hands now sat on my stomach, surrounded by pools of cool water, one of his wet hands cupping my balls, the other between his legs, jacking himself off. I gazed at him, my own hands tangled in his hair as his head bobbed up and down, up and down. His eyes were gazing up at me as his teeth grazed along my length, his fingers squeezing my balls gently. I knew I probably woldn't last very long, my fingers tightening in his hair.

I let out a loud cry of pleasure, bucking up into his mouth as I came, holding his head as he swallowed my load. I felt, rather then heard his own moan as he came soon after, his spunk landing over the couch. He pulled off my length, licking his lips and as he gazed up at me. "Feel any better?"

I nodded slowly as he climbed up on the couch, curling up beside me. "I love you." He whispered softly in my ear, licking lightly at the shell of it.

"I lvoe you too Jimmy..." I closed my eyes again and wrapped an arm around him tightly.
Tags: busted, fic, james bourne, james bourne/matt willis, slash, son of dork
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